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Pachuca, Hidalgo.- Carolina Olvera Herrera, who has a degree in clinical child psychology from the University of the Americas Puebla.
Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Children and adolescents, in Counseling and Family Therapy, Brief Therapy, and Administration of Educational Institutions at the top level.
He is currently pursuing the doctorate in psychoanalysis, with emphasis on children and adolescents. Is director of the Institute for Studies in Psychotherapy and Human Growth (IEPYCH, Pachuca). Offers private services in the group Pediatrics Iron Gate in psychoanalytic psychotherapy of children and adolescents and therapy family.
She is also professor of the master in Family Therapy at la Salle University, Pachuca, and is a professor of high school in the
Tecnológico de Monterrey, campus Hidalgo, where she was elected representative of the rectory of south-central in the areas of prevention, as part of the National Advisory Council, and a member of the University Network of Prevention to Addictions.
Previously served as the director of Counseling and Prevention in the general direction of CECyTEH Hidalgo, was head of the department and of Psychology and Social Work, and in the Hospital del Niño DIF Hidalgo job as chief of psychology service.
In 1988, the opportunities for psychology were not many, but at the initiative of the pediatrician Jorge Martinez Escorcia, in 1989, manages to enter the rehabilitation area of the Hospital del Niño DIF.
“At that time studying for the masters degree in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and in the hospital there was no such service. I asked for the opportunity to open it. Proudly I did so, the consultation began in a small room which was a cellar and that we adapt very well.
“For me the hospital was also a school. Working with children of different places made me realize that all was not psychoanalysis of children, but that much had to see the family, so I studied Family Therapy”.
In 1990, the couple of his work, he opened his private practice.
“I was single, I traveled all day to the City of Mexico to study and to Tulancingo, where it lay. Gave consultation at the children’s Hospital in the afternoon, and the rest of the time was in private practice. Everything he earned he used it in preparing”.
Although it would appear from tours heavy, explains that his reason for travel is more than justified.
“I am the daughter of a trailero, the road relaxes me a lot. When I get to Tulancingo I am the mother of a family, and when I get to Pachuca I am a therapist. The road is like the arms of my father. This is the section that allows me to prepare myself to get home or to work to concentrate and do the best I can”.
He mentions that despite the craving of the girl to be a doctor, his has always been to help, to work the psychic pain and emotional.
“In 1994 was born my son and I only stay with the hospital. In 1997 I left the hospital and I started my work in private practice only”.
Since it is part of a group of pediatricians, who for many years was a Center of Pediatric Specialties, and is currently the Pediatrics Group Iron Door.
The doctor also dabbled in the field of education.
“I come from a mother is very hard-working. The women of my family are from titles and technical professionals but a lot of work. We always try to be innovating, creating. I think that has led me to all the employment opportunities, they always have offered me, and proudly I’ve never searched”.
Within its activities, the doctor explains that since over two years ago, oversees a shelter for battered women.
“My doctoral thesis project is focused on rescuing the children of women compromised. Trauma, gender, psychic. The way that mark the future of the children, that with work can salvage and build something more productive to turn the fate of these children.
“In this work in the present: I research and look for options in the contemporary psychoanalysis that can offer these alternatives for the children”.
Laura Hernández Estrada, an industrial engineer, owner and responsible for leadership, administration, care, and training in Tecnobotics Hidalgo, Institute of Technology and Robotics, franchise poblana with experience of 10 years in the courses taught robotics to children and young people with a constructivist methodology.
He is also the creator of the Company Yolotli (Food Corn), dedicated to the preparation of foods from corn organic in order to provide consumers with snacks that will nourish.
“We seek to rescue prescribed ones as part of our culinary culture, contribute to the preservation of native maize in mexico, and give a fair price to the farmers who are our suppliers”.
Earlier in Elements of Mechanisms SA de C. V., served as responsible for quotations, customer care, and coordination of the sales team.
A graduate of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, has a diploma in Management and Leadership of Projects.
“I started with the adventure of entrepreneurship. I wanted to specialize in some product of the basic basket. Were the tortillas, which led me to discover that there are several species of native corn, and became the reason for me to join the movement for the preservation of the same.
“I devoted myself to the preparation of different foods, based on old recipes. With raw materials that feed you. That we focus with corn organic. The variety is wide, such as cookies, corn, flour for atole, snacks which are made from tortilla comal with dried chiles”.
Its products are sold in Pachuca, Ixmiquilpan, Progress and Tula. The points of sales are organic stores as My Green Home, or coffee shops.
But after Yolotli arose another of his passions: programming.
“There was a proposal to bring the franchise of Puebla and Hidalgo. With a partner, we are boosting Tecnobotics. We are the fourth franchise that opens to the national level, the only one in Hidalgo. We offer courses in robotics teaching for kids.
“Tecnobotics is located to one side of the market Revolution, in the street October 12, in the building of Fabrics Rivera interior 201. From Monday to Saturday. The children choose one day a week for two hours. Are 8 hours a month, build your robot from scratch, until you complete it and present it to their tutors. Of five to 16 years”.
The challenges are well-defined. With Yolotli, continue to expand the market, and with Tecnobotics, the opening of another franchise in another part of the state. To make a covenant with schools in Pachuca to teach the methodology in their schools.
Alma Teresa Villa Manzanares, who has a degree in Industrial Relations. The owner of the company and registered trademark Amontli (combination of water, soap and bubble in maya).
Formally constituted from four years ago, the company specializes in the production of handmade soaps using cold processes. All ingredients are of plant origin in order to take advantage of all the natural benefits.
Its products are various, from the handmade soaps, the line therapeutic, natural cosmetics and the line color, based on the aromatherapy, and with innovations such as green tea, red wine, random, goat milk or chocolate, and prints of tenangos or the occurrence of any event or special date.
“We try to return to the natural part but to innovate what exists in the market. Our products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and healthy. Its elaboration is completely artisan. We do not use animal ingredients or derivatives of oil”.
Alma Teresa Villa always gravitated towards natural products. So more than a decade ago decided to investigate and studied to develop their own individual articles, one hundred percent natural.
“There were many years of work, playing with combinations. Testing and analyzing the demand they had, first with friends and then with people that try them always came back to buy more.
“So we created several lines and we add natural cosmetic, soap liquid, lip balms, and innovative products such as a massage candle spreadable.
“My mark is registered. I am for the certification of multiple products. We have points of sale and shops that we distribute the product, in addition to our array in the colony Journalists. The idea is to continue to expand, positioning the brand, and that people enjoy a product that will surely move your senses”.
Products there are plenty, you can consult www.amontli.com.mx and to get to know them.
Zélika García, director of Zona Maco.
The regiomontana is at the front of one of the fairs most important art of Mexico. She is graduated in Arts by the Universidad de Monterrey, participated in a number of galleries, royal residences from which developed a platform of exhibition and sale of art in Mexico.
In 2002, launches Shows, his first art fair in Monterrey. A year later, associated with Enrique Rubio, Shows becomes Maco Mexico Contemporary Art, which featured the participation of 22 galleries in its first edition, and was the turning point for putting our country as a cultural market.
In 2008 the association is diluted, and creates Contemporary Art and Culture Zeta SA de C. V., which a year later became Art Fair Zona Maco, which is considered one of the most important of Latin America


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