In the framework of the first edition of the Awards Business with Attitude, Madame Figaro , and Dr. Hauschka teamed up to reveal the natural beauty of a business woman.

With mineral pigments and natural ingredients that brighten the complexion and accentuate the singularity of each woman, the new range of makeup Dr. Hauschka has been thought in the search for balance between inner and outer beauty. By sublimating without disguise, this line of 82 products fully redesigned makes women more confident, because having self-confidence, express their creativity and assert his personality also passes by the fact of feeling beautiful and comfortable in her skin.

Composed of medicinal plant extracts, waxes and precious oils, the make-up Dr. Hauschka is as a caring and allows a moisturizing action and fortifying for the skin. Loose powders, foundation, lipstick… the products of this range based on the skin, creating unique shades and totally custom, revealing the natural beauty of every woman. A vision resolutely innovative natural cosmetics, to adopt emergency makeup routine !

Madame Figaro offers you to win the new range of makeup-care natural and organic Dr. Hauschka. Try your luck by answering correctly to the quiz questions below.*

The new range of makeup Dr. Hauschka

About Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka offers a unique vision of the cosmetic industry thanks to its organic, natural, and authentic, built around the benefits of medicinal plants. Since its inception, the brand, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, seeks to balance the production of its ranges of skin care and make-up and the respect of the environment. It uses ingredients from as many as possible of crops, biodynamic, organic farming, controlled or fair-Trade.

* Contest open from 14 to 28 march inclusive