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There are many benefits that you can offer us if we compare it with the conventional phone call, made from chemical elements. On some of these advantages and properties, Joaquín Pinar, head of Wherteimar in Spain (based in Barcelona), highlights the most important. «Every time we take care of our skin and we are also aware that there are toxic ingredients that can impair our health, so we use natural cosmetics brings us the peace of mind of thinking that we are acting well and for our own benefit».

These toxic substances can cause imbalances, dermatitis, sensitivities, irritations, and even be related to more serious problems such as cancer. In terms of the environment, we must take into account that the natural cosmetic products are made with raw materials that help local economies. «This is very important, as they include concepts ecological recycling, less use of plastic or paper and their production systems are much more sustainable. All of our natural products are 100% toxic-free and therefore have not been tested on animals», Pinar.

The cosmetics of luxury not usually available to anyone, it is a concept that beauty is related to the brand that inspires the product. The specialists are responsible for developing products with a very stylish design that draws attention at first sight, with a packaging delicate and exquisite, in addition to textures silky and velvety. «All of this is combined with fine aromas and bouquets of floral or fruit. The natural cosmetic of luxury you must have a professional technicians, very expert, using natural ingredients and organic, to be able to develop formulas similar to the products of the traditional and cosmetic and with the same degree of appearance, output and comfort, but of course, without the use of silicones, petroleum derivatives or chemicals aggressive,» he says.

Among its natural active principles, this type of cosmetics has a wide range that goes from the papaya, the flower of the nopal cactus, or the aloe vera, calendula, epilobio, iris, chamomile, uva ursi, the pineapple, the baobab, the ylang ylang and a long etc. All the cosmetics are free of mineral oils, lanolin, parabens, alcohol, paba, sodium lauryl sulfate, formaldehyde, pesticides, chemicals, herbicides, toxic dyes and artificial comedogénica, in addition to being formulated with organic extracts, packaged with recyclable packaging and being eco-friendly, because they respect the environment in their manufacturing processes, with products under the strictest quality controls.

Why should we bet on natural cosmetics?

– Do not affect the health of the skin and do not produce allergies.

– Are rich in minerals, nutrients and trace elements.

– Have their own color and natural fragrance.

– Are committed to the care of our environment.

– Are not tested on animals.

– More than a fashion, a way of life.

The natural cosmetic products are the future face of the cosmetic conventional or traditional. Today the offer of cosmetics formulated with herbal ingredients and no chemical additives is very extensive, relying on the philosophy of caring for the skin and the environment. What is natural has become synonymous with healthy, sustainable, and is on the rise, offering the buyer, each time more conscious, an organic seal that makes the product specific characteristics that you are looking for.

Joaquin Pinar recommended between cosmetic Wherteimar for this season of the year, three of their little gems concentrated. «During the day I would advise a good hydration of the skin with our Crème Éclat Satinée and for the night, the time of applying a nutritional cocktail as the Crème de Nuit Fortifiante with shea butter, royal jelly and rosehip seed oil, among other active ingredients. For the rest of the day and three times a week, it is recommended to perform a gentle exfoliation at night with the Traitement Exfoliant Enzymatique, which contains a delicious combination of papaya, flower, cactus, willow bark and chamomile».

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