The blue clay is, what it is ?

Belonging to the family of phylosillicates, this natural mineral owes its extraordinary colour to its high silica content and natural pigments. It is found in some quarries the French, it is simply extracted before being dried.

The rarity of the blue clay gives it a dimension top of the range. Its natural properties have, however, an ingredient prized by the cosmetics industry. In addition, it is intended only for external use, in contrast to other types of clays.

The blue clay, which properties ?

Less rich in minerals than green clay, blue clay does not have a high power of absorption, but displays, however, many other virtues among which one can mention its extraordinary effect «bonne mine».

Applied on the face, this sediment can revive the complexions tarnished by pollution, stress, smoking, or even fatigue. Associated with properties oxygénantes, its detoxifying power does miracles !

It revitalizes the epidermis the most clogged, and cleanses the impurities, the more resistant. In short, the blue clay is going to make breathing in your skin like never before !

And what is with the blue clay is that it is smooth. Perfect for cleaning the skin problems, it also repairs the epidermis damaged, or soothes the dermes irritated.

The blue clay, where is it ?

This mineral 100 % natural is sold as a powder that it is necessary to rehydrate, or in the version «ready to use». To prepare your own dough, clay blue, refer simply to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Exceptional product, the blue clay is not always easy to find. If some of the formats specialized in cosmetic products or in the bio to offer, it is also possible to obtain on the websites selling online.

Attention, the use of the blue clay is strongly contraindicated in pregnant women and in children under 6 years of age.

The blue clay, how to use it ?

If it is not difficult to perform oneself a preparation of blue clay, it’s important to follow certain rules. First of all, it should never manipulate this mineral with a metal spoon, which would react inevitably with the oxides that it contains.

Therefore prefer a wooden spoon, or other utensil made of glass or porcelain. For your preparations, you could also select the glass to the plastic. In addition, the clay, whatever its type, is not reusable.

Even if you manage to reduce it again to powder, it will inevitably have lost its properties and will, in addition, totally defiled by your toxins. Of course, make your preparations in the shelter of air currents, because the clay is a powdery product !

The blue clay, how to prepare a clay mask blue ?

The blue clay may be sufficient to itself, that is to say, it can be used without any other added products. For this purpose, it is sufficient to rehydrate the powder until you obtain the desired consistency and applying the preparation for fifteen minutes on the face, carefully avoiding the eye contour.

To accumulate the required shares, however, it is possible to prepare a mask that is both purifying and hydrating by adding the following ingredients : 2 tablespoons of blue clay, 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice, 2 drops of lemon essential oil and 1 drop of essential oil of cypress trees always green.

Masque � l'argile bleue

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Again, let him ask between 10 and 15 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.