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Oaxaca de Juarez, April 21.

Improve your physical appearance is an important decision that will have an impact on your life, looking for specialists with experience that will orient and guide you with all the information.

For some years, cosmetic treatments have increased. In our days there is a large amount of options for men and women seeking to improve their appearance, especially on the face, and one of them is botox, which is one of the most popular procedures because of the ease of its implementation and results, however, many people question if they are candidates for this procedure and all that it entails to achieve natural results and nothing obvious; the Hospital DioMed in his division cosmetic, shares with you everything you need to know about the botox for you to determine if this option is for you.

The botox is a toxin that is generated from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum , and after years of research, it was determined that this substance in small quantities it produced an effect of paralysis in the place where it is injected, and this has helped in the cosmetic portion avoiding the creation of expression lines on the face and that these become wrinkles, keeping the skin smooth and rejuvenated.

“We recommend the use of botox as a preventive method, because when used in more advanced stages, with wrinkles and very marked, in addition to the botox, you will need fillers, hydration in the skin and some of the other treatments. If this method is used when there are expression lines light, the result is almost imperceptible, and very natural, which is what they are looking for many patients,” said Gabriela Xospa, Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, Aging and Dermatocosmética of Medixtetic-DioMed.

Any patient since the age of 23 can apply to botox, and the more consecutive the application you will need less since you will be gaining rejuvenation, because if not marks, expression lines, not wrinkles your skin, and you’re not getting older.

Dr. Gabriela Xospa of Medixtetic-DioMed points out that many patients come to fear this procedure because they believe that when you do not use the botox, the skin will shrink, but this does not happen, when you stop using the toxin, the patients start out with normal aging, because what happens, is that the frequent use of botox helps to gain time and rejuvenation.

With botox is achieved an effect of relaxation and paralysis to prevent the formation of furrows in the skin, and depending on how and where to apply, the result is imperceptible, and with all the mobility in the muscles.

The time of life of the toxin is about 6 months and in smoking patients live less because this sector breaks down bridges of collagen and elastin, which age much faster. This cosmetic treatment does not need hospitalization, but does require the attention of a qualified specialist to get the best results, depending on the strength of the muscle is that you define the units that are going to be applied, it is not necessary to anesthesia or hospitalization.

The treatment in clinic lasts approximately 20 minutes and the effects can be seen from the third day and it is recommended that this treatment be done 2 times a year.

Improve your physical appearance is an important decision that will have an impact on your life, looking for specialists with experience that will guide you with all the information necessary for any medical procedure and aesthetic.


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