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In addition to the options for the most classic -a fresh fruit, a yogurt or a stick of cereal, there are a range of possibilities to open: nuts, dried fruits, cookies, organic, cereals, chips, crackers, and fruits and vegetables freeze-dried, from the options to always have in your purse or desk drawer. Check out these stores healthy (and with a lot of wave!) in which you can get snacks to cut the day:


Located in front of the market of the Oath, in Belgrano, is Cool: a new market inspired by the health stores in the united States. It focuses on the organic products freshly harvested and with gondolas in which you’ll be able to find handmade bakery, cereals and dried fruits, vegetable milks, cheeses and organic wines, among other products. Run by its creator, Paul Gauvry, they also prepare salads, fruit or vegetables that you can bring in jars reusable. https://www.facebook.com/frescomercados

What healthy Snacks? Yes, there are! - The Thirteen 1

The Food Market

This is the alternative to not having to go out to the street: The Food Market is an online platform from which you assemble your cart and receive everything in a box at home. Between the snacks -developed by small and medium-sized producers – you can find fruits and vegetables freeze-dried (a technique of dehydration by cold, such as bananas, blueberries, and peas), crispy cereals -some of them very original, such as with a pumpkin or orange, cookie, chips and salty biscuits, among many options. http://www.thefoodmarket.com.ar/

What healthy Snacks? Yes, there are! - The Thirteen 2

Kiosk-Healthy Direct Garden

If trabajás by the center, the eye-catching Healthy Live of Garden will be your best option to pass to find healthy snacks. This company dedicated to catering services for healthy businesses, opened a franchise in Retreat, which is in addition to the local Palermo, where you’ll find bags of mix of cereals, cookies and crakers are organic, fresh fruits per unit and dissected, dried fruits and also smoothies and shakes detox. https://www.facebook.com/directodehuerta

What healthy Snacks? Yes, there are! - The Thirteen 3


This new opening in the heart of Recoleta is a supermarket in which you’ll find more than thousand products with certified organic and biodynamic, options for vegans and vegetarians, and foods raw, without TACC and kosher. In that big spectrum will have several options for finding your healthful snack, including cereals, crackers, fruits and vegetables, cheeses. A tip: since you’re there, take a stroll around the sector of cleaning and natural cosmetics. https://www.facebook.com/biomarket.green

What healthy Snacks? Yes, there are! - The Thirteen 4


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