The cocoa butter, some unimaginable powers

Who would have believed that the cocoa bean could contain such a concentrated virtues ? Particularly rich in stearic, palmitic and oleic, the cocoa butter turns out to be an excellent moisturizer for the epidermis.

But this is not all because this ingredient consists of many cosmetic creams also displays antioxidant properties thanks to its natural content of vitamins (A, B, C, E) and minerals.

In addition, the fatty acids that it contains are particularly suitable to soothe the heat of some of the irritation, or skin lesions. In short, the cocoa butter component is a multifunction, in addition to being 100 % natural, remains financially accessible.

What are the indications for the cocoa butter ?

They are numerous ! Pregnant women particularly appreciate because it preserves the elasticity of the skin and, in fact, prevents the formation of stretch marks and cellulite.

In addition to the fact that it is a perfect moisturizer on a daily basis, it is also a great anti-wrinkle product since this natural antioxidant helps slow the process of skin aging by neutralizing the famous free radicals and promoting the production of collagen.

In addition, the cocoa butter can also fill out a medical treatment to combat certain dermatitis or other skin diseases. This is the case, in particular, for eczema or psoriasis it is often possible to soothe.


Where can I find the cocoa butter ?

Contrary to popular belief, the cocoa butter is not only intended to stimulate our taste buds by incorporating the composition of many cakes and other pastries or sugary treats.

Look more closely, we can find the mention at the back of many creams and body lotions softening purchased in the trade. It is also one of the main components of sunscreens and other sticks to lips. It is, therefore, everywhere !

It is found even in its simplest form in many specialty stores. This version can be very useful for those who want to make care home. However, be careful not to use cocoa butter non-food items to be sure to take advantage of all its intrinsic properties.

How to use the cocoa butter ?

For the small history, the cocoa butter is extracted by cold-pressing cocoa beans. The one that is used for cosmetics is not filtered. When bought in its natural form, cocoa butter is solid.

To apply it more easily, it is therefore necessary to heat in a bain-marie or in small portions in his hands. When it is brought to a temperature higher than 35 °C, this component will be thin until you get the texture of an oil.

These physical properties make it a perfect massage oil. Below 20 °C, to the opposite, it is so hard that it is possible to make chips in the grating.

How to make beauty products with a basis of cocoa butter ?

The followers of the cosmetic house has erected to the rank of ingredient «indispensable». It must be said that it can without concern for integrating numerous recipes for products with hydrating.

For example, it is possible to manufacture a mask for the face in no time. For a pot of 100 g, it is enough to heat 75 g of vegetable oil of choice (argan, almond, jojoba…) with 25 g of cocoa butter.

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Applied on the face for ten minutes, this mask nourishes the skin in depth and gives an extreme softness.