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Les parents sont nettement plus susceptibles d’acheter des cosmétiques naturels ou biologiques. Photo : © Dmytro Zinkevych / shutterstock.com

Parents are much more likely to buy cosmetics natural or organic. Photo : © Dmytro Zinkevych / shutterstock.com

A new study from Mintel [1] shows that more than a third (37%) of consumers say they have purchased more of the natural and organic cosmetics in 2016 than in the previous year, of which 34% of parents with children under the age of 18 years.

Motor role of the young parents

According to Mintel, parents are much more likely to buy cosmetics natural or organic than non-parents, in particular for lotions for the hands and the body (53% of parents compared to 34% of non-parents), facial care (51% vs. 32% of non-parents), hair care (50% of parents compared to 34% of non-parents) and products of personal hygiene (48% of parents compared to 34% non-parents).

«Parents are hungry for information when it comes to raising their children and, therefore, they can be more informed about the ingredients to avoid in cosmetic products for their children, not for themselves , «says Jana Vyleta, analyst of the health and personal care at Mintel.

Healthier lifestyles

In addition, nearly seven consumers natural and organic cosmetics in ten (67%) in the United States agree that they are seeking to achieve a better way of life for the health, so that they are only a little more than half (54%) of non-consumers. The trend of health and well-being is not limited to food and exercise, natural cosmetics and organic seem to have the ability to meet these ambitions.

«In the same way that consumers in search of healthier lifestyles are opting for fresh food rather than candies or choose to wear a monitor for physical activity, many see also the consumption of products natural and organic cosmetics as a way to achieve their goals. The study Mintel 2017 Global Beauty Trend, Active Beauty, stresses the importance of this research to health and well-being, and examines how beauty brands can make products that can help consumers in their quest for health and fitness , «says Jana Vyleta. «For marketers, it is a matter of convincing the non-users by showing that the products natural and organic cosmetics bring tangible benefits in terms of health. «

Control ingredients

According to Mintel, outside of certifications, the most common way for consumers to evaluate if a cosmetic product is natural or organic is to check if the ingredients seem simple and familiar. They control the types of ingredients used (55%), they check to see if they are easy to understand (49%), and if certain ingredients are excluded (49%).

When it comes to buying products natural and organic cosmetics, consumers also appear to give priority to general statements about the ingredients. Claims of the type «made with only natural ingredients «(88%), «no artificial ingredients «(86%) and «contains organic ingredients » (81%) are ranked as among the claims most important to the consumers of natural and organic cosmetics.

However, some consumers remain sceptical and 43% of non-users think that the products natural and organic cosmetics are just a marketing gimmick. But, the younger generations seem to be more open vis-à-vis this category. The iGeneration [2] has less of a tendency to consider the claims natural as a way for companies to charge a higher price (20%) and is more likely to be seduced by the approach should-yourself. In fact, nearly a fifth (19%) of iGens say they prefer to make their own cosmetic products while only 12% of consumers as a whole.

«Consumers are more likely to consider the general statements, the statements are simple in terms of ingredients, as an indicator of naturalness of a cosmetic, rather than certifications. The belief that cosmetic products natural and organic are safe is likely the result of debates incessant on the potential harmful effects of ingredients used by major brands , «concludes Jana Vyleta.


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