To the naked eye it is perfect, but under the makeup hides terrible … – TVNotas

Many celebrities who feel insecure about the appearance of his face they covered it with makeup, your powerful weapon to criticism, but there are women who don’t use it for vanity but for necessity, because life has placed a great obstacle.

Bajo el maquillaje oculta un secreto, su terrible enfermedad.

Such is the case of Sophia Ridlington of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, a young man of just 22 years, which to the naked eye it looks perfect, although it is evident that using several layers of cosmetics on the skin.

However, the secret to cover with concealer, foundation and powder goes beyond wanting to achieve the ‘perfection’, because if it goes to the street to the natural nobody wants to get near it.

To the naked eye it is perfect, but under the makeup hides terrible ... - TVNotas 1

It turns out that Sophia from years ago, suffers from psoriasis, a condition that cracks your skin, the redness and unfortunately, there is no cure. His life has been difficult, as he has had to learn to make up each trait of this illness that has invaded the face.

“The family part of my father has psoriasis, and also so is that they helped me when I received my diagnosis. My skin becomes like clay, and I have been prescribed steroid cream that clears my skin, but it is only temporary,” says the young man who was a martyrdom to look in the mirror and discover that it was not like other women.

However, what he worried about was his face, so I couldn’t go out to the street with a plastic bag or a mask for life: “My skin usually breaks and bleedswhich causes a lot of pain, but now I’ve learned to cover it properly”.

In this obstacle you found a solution, as studied makeup and special effects in the city of Grimsby, so that you can now share selfies without any major problem in their social networks and be seen as he always wanted.



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