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Cosmetic :
» For a very natural effect, I can advise you the new cream snake venom. If you prefer an action shot of radiance and firming, the bee venom will be more appropriate. « This is not a scene from The Little Shop of horrors or a new opus of Harry Potter, but the recommendations beauty of an online retail site that specializes in cosmetics made from natural extracts,… In France as in other european countries or in Korea, they are many, like the sign Cosmeto Nature, to embark on the niche of this new «naturalness» on the basis of specific ingredients : the venom from bee, snake or jellyfish, snail slime, the eggs of ants. The latter would, it seems, great for the hair removal and the recipe puiserait in the Turkish tradition, specifies the mark, Gutto Natural. The wave of entomology that is all the rage on the side of the plates would benefit the skincare ? According to Pierre Bisseuil, research director at Peclers, this enthusiasm is primarily part in a quest for a new exoticism, where the taste of the extreme experiences crosses the attraction to all that is strange and fascinating. In the same category, he refers to the massage performed with pythons in the Philippines, or the baby scorpions raised on false nails in Mexico, and that created a buzz on the web. Other reason, the search for new natural ingredients are always the most powerful who are inspired by the traditional pharmacopoeia and almost alchemical. «It is also a way of arousing the curiosity and claim a certain expertise in using assets which, according to their dosing can be cure or poison, the pharmakon, it was said in Greek «, adds Pierre Bisseuil. There are many brands in this niche, such as Garancia, Transparent Clinic Skin Chemists or W. Lab, Mibelle Biochemistry. The new active star of the sides of the snake venom, is the one bee of which Hippocrates boasted already the merits. One of the latest brands to use is Abellie : it is the star ingredient of a line of anti-age and radiance. » Everything that moves on its legs, flies or boom is good for the pot «, it is said in Mexico. Now, the old adage applies also to the pot of cream.


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