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Whiter than white, talc ? This product is considered natural, however, is considered to be potentially carcinogenic. In the series “the substances that we hide the star products”, check out the below talcet its possible alternatives.

The talc is used in cosmetics since Antiquity. It is a mineral, silicate of magnesium, known for its properties matifying and absorbent. Used for generations to drift with the buttocks of babies, the talcum powder is still made today on the list of products that are potentially carcinogenic. Then, dangerous talc ?

Talc : the virtues or dangers

True powder, talc is used in cosmetics, but also for the house to absorb stains or to clean.

It is used on the body as anti-sweat, in the shoes, in order to avoid pimples after shaving or hair removal, or to prevent irritation particularly on the buttocks of the baby. Some women use for feminine hygiene : talc regulates moisture and odors. However, this use is to be avoided : it would allow the cancer of the ovaries.

Talc carcinogenic ?

On February 24, 2016, the brand Johnson&Johnson has been convicted in the United States to pay $ 72 million to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer at age 62. It used talcum powder every day on his genitals.

The Court found plausible the danger linked to thedaily use of talc, in particular on the mucous membranes. The powder travels up to the ovaries through the fallopian Tubes, where it would contribute to creating inflammation and developing cancer cells.

Similarly, the talc used for thehygiene of babies is not recommended, because it would contribute to aggravate the risk of respiratory disease and lung infants. We also know about evil, the link between the use of talc during childhood and cancers in adulthood.

The talc has a fibrous structure similar to asbestos in its natural state. It contains trace amounts ofasbestos until the 1970s in the United States. The International agency for Research on Cancer has classified talc is used for the body as «potentially carcinogenic to humans » !

As a precaution, therefore, keep your bottles of talcum powder to clean your home , and go to natural alternatives to this mineral powder for your body and your baby.

Three alternative products at talc

As often in natural cosmetics, we pick her in the kitchen to replace the products that may be dangerous. Of the same consistency as talcum powder but of vegetable origin, corn starch , or tapioca can be substituted for the talc for many purposes. They have also the virtues absorbent and can therefore be used in cosmetics.

You know, the baking soda has multiple virtues. Among them, one to replace talc as a hygiene product for babies. Similarly, some people use baking soda as deodorant natural : like the talc, it absorbs moisture and odors.

Finally, some brands bio sell » baby powder » warranty without talc. This is the case of several american brands, where comes the scandal, as the brand Burt’s Bees, which sells a powder based on cornstarch and baking soda.

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