The new trend of tattooing freckles on the face – (press Release)

Change the color or the texture of our hair for decades that it is possible and quite common. Like the face, because without considering surgical interventions, there are many products and makeup techniques that allow you to fix whatever makes us feel comfortable.

But what called the attention in the last time is that there are women who feel very frustrated for not having freckles, and although it may seem unusual, a new technique cosmetic allows tatuarlas permanently on the face.

But love the freckles has a reason –or at least it is something that explains why this fashion-because we have them give a look more ‘childish’, that is to say, that it gives «more youth» at the face.

If in 2016 the fashion was to worry about the eyebrows, this 2017 (apparently) will be the freckles, which can also be marked with a pencil eye once in a while, especially if there are already some that you can emphasize. Yes, it is necessary to use compact powder and fixator of makeup before going out in the sun.

Tattoos cosmetics

Tattoos cosmetics are not new: long ago we can find places of aesthetic treatments where they do tattoos of eyebrows, outlined eyes, lips, and even tattoos of tabs. The results are natural finish and it is for that reason that it is a fairly common practice in the world of aesthetics.

The process is done with an electric needle which is deposited a quick bit of ink on the dermis of the skin. Yes, after this procedure the skin ever return to its previous appearance.

So if you have freckles natural probably you will be the envy of several women that do everything to achieve these have such ‘imperfections of the skin’ in the most natural way possible.

Check out some examples of women who tatuaron freckles:


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