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Cleopatra or the queen of Sheba had made it a precious, and in 1927, Coco Chanel, of course a visionary, imagine a jasmine oil, recommended for massage of the face. In the 60’s, the two brands are launching products with 100% plant extracts, which will become mythical. What are Décléor and Clarins, whose first products were the oils of Lotus, Sandalwood and Orchid Blue. Their success has never waned, but the presence of oils in rituals cosmetics remained for a long time confined to these pioneers.

For the past few years, however, with consumers more attentive to the composition of their care, natural beauty products are ever more in demand, and oils have become a category beauty full. Some of them are even superstars celebrated experts in beauty, such as those by Sunday Riley, and rightly so their effect is immediate, they target the age as Luna, the impurities such as U. F. O or glow like Juno.

Yes, the oil is a miracle product

All addicts will tell you, oil is a miracle product. It adapts to all skin types – oily, dry, or mature – and, if it is well formulated, it absorbs instantly, leaving skin bright and plumped. Nourished in depth, it is actually more flexible and more vibrant. You know, the oil contains fatty acids essential for the proper functioning of the human body, but it is in addition rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, which are sources of hydration, protection, lubrication and cellular renewal. Plant oils are an ideal base for the essential oils, which complement the composition of the care. These can contain up to several hundreds of different molecules and each has a specific property: it has a cleansing, antiseptic or soothing properties. As a result, the oils are ultra-concentrated in active moisturizers, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and, therefore, for some, anti-age.

Condensed of nature

The holy grail for millions of consumers. One understands why, from Lancôme to Estee Lauder, passing through Guerlain or Elizabeth Arden, all major brands offer them, and new ones appear. As African Botanics, the brand founded in Los Angeles by a couple originally from South Africa where we source all of their ingredients, and which are ethically developed products, base oil, Marula, and multiple other local ingredients. Luxurious products and natural, it is also the positioning of the young brand Omorovicza. His Miracle Facial Oil, which is sold on Net-A-Porter, in particular, could better bear his name as its benefits are seen quickly. Even the less pure, the oils remain mainly composed of ingredients of natural origin.

This is the case of the famous Oil of Jasmine for Chanel, the brand relaunch and it contains the famous extract of the flower. Also the case of the oil public of L’oréal, Oil Face Extraordinary, at a price much more accessible that these oils are pure and expensive. Finally, some brands are choosing to add to the composition of their oil assets as potent as the retinol-in-oil Luna Sunday Riley or the Oil Flowers of Africa, African Botanics, in which there is also the CoQ10 and vitamin C. oil Other miraculous effects. When we add that, for the most part, they are presented in bottles delightful distributing it in dribs and drabs, it would almost appear as a single product in our bathrooms.


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