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Even more organic, more refined, the tendency skincare returns this season to the natural. Now rid of the superfluous, the new care cosmetics now operate for the skin, gentle and natural.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 1
The small grocery store beauty of the Bon Marché on the 1st floor

The cosmetics industry is input once and for all in the era of the natural, setting aside the ingredients, the more chemicals, such as preservatives and parabens. A new trend that does not denigrate the science and the technologies, while promising better days for our skin, thanks to the work of the products from the nature. The strength of this mode is minimalist, The Good Market today offers a beautiful place to these new brands promising and genuine in his Small Grocery store in the Beauty. Meeting with three exclusive brands that intend to get a place in our bathrooms.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 2Bjork & Berries
Originally designed in the heart of the Swedish forest, the brand Björk & Berries is now become the great. With a range that now extends from the body to the hair through the face, she uses local flowers to produce care luxurious and authentic, thus becoming the first Swedish brand care botanical.

How began the story of Björk & Berries ?
Isabelle Lewenhaupt (founder of Björk & Berries) : it All started with local products in Sweden for work scents. We realized that there was a lot of potential behind all these smells and the nature Swedish so much to offer. We have everything in place to become what we are today : a house of beauty the Swedish botanical. In the first place, we have presented a range of treatments for the body with three scents main and since then we have launched a dedicated line of care for faces. We have worked to derive the products of nature, such as flowers Swedish.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 3What are the products of your brand that you use the most ?
HE : Recently, we have made our own salt baths. It all started in our garden, made on the spot. It is a product that is dear to me, and then I love to take baths. I also love our serum for the body, rich in vitamins. I use it a lot on my children, it is very effective against dry skin. Björk & Berries is also well developed compared to Sweden, where the climate can be harsh in the winter. Our entire line is moving well on the hydration. For the skin, I use oil for the face I mix it with everything ! My moisturizer and my makeup.

You are offering perfumes in oil, what scent do you wear most often ?
HE : I would say Dark Rain. Behind this smell, there is the climate Swedish at the end of the summer. The weather is still sunny but with heavy showers, which makes the atmosphere very humid. It is the inspiration behind this fragrance. Every time I wear it, I really have the feeling of wearing something unique.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 4Nuori
Based on a concept quite unheard of, the products of facial treatments and body signed Nuori appear without parabens or preservatives and above all with an expiry date in effect as of the opening of the product. The hydration serum, the line of care-luxury 100% natural, time-limited to preserve the best of natural ingredients for the skin.

How was the concept of care with an expiration date ?
Ann-Marie Rønlund Jensen (Brand Manager for Nuori) : Our concept is quite different because it is based on the freshness. We produce and every twelve weeks. This allows us to create formulas that are pure, without any other added ingredient to prolong the shelf life of our products. Thus, we have no preservatives or additions are superficial, so we are 100% natural. Side as our ingredients are pure, they are most effective. As the trend in power where we no longer want junk food, we thought to apply this philosophy to the care faces.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 5What product is following you around ?
AMRJ : today I travel a lot and I take on a regular basis the plane. The facial mask is so my favorite. It is a very good mask for travel. It has a very high moisturizing power, with two types of hyaluronic acid, which makes them capable of penetrating the skin and give hydration from the inside out. We have added a touch of chamomile and three vitamins, something that is relatively rare in the care of skin, but very effective to calm the skin.

The naked beauty on the cheap - Modzik 6Blithe
Well installed for several seasons on the market, Korean products have now become much more than a trend in skincare , and now incorporate many beauty routines. Always evolving to offer the best to the skin, the Korean industry draws on both her traditions as in nature to provide the best care. Blithe arrives in Europe today on the stands, and cheap

What are the innovations bring Blithe in the beauty market Korean ?
Sophie Kim : It is a brand of Korean is the alliance of the creativity, innovation and originality. We just introduce in Europe products with sensory textures, coupled with a new routine. The research of our assets, in the universe of seeds, beans, roots energy. We are looking for what nature has valuable to offer to us to put in the textures that bring a real pleasure to use.

Your favorites Blithe ?
SK : My favorite is the Splash Mask Energy Yellow. It is my alarm clock and I love this gesture that he committed. It is really far from the usual routine where we take a disk of cotton, we must splash, it wakes you up. Another product that I love in the creams, it is the Pressed Serum Crystal Iceplant. It is a mask very moisturizing with a gel texture is very pleasant, that the concentration of the serum and the texture of the cream. I put it in the fridge to use fresh as the mask for the evening to have a skin beautiful the next day.


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