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Nathalie Eklemes, founder of Pitahia, it took him six years to find the formula that gave you success in your business of glazes.

Desperate, but always firm in what he wanted, did not miss a beat. Sought out and experienced to achieve the enamel fact natural way. During those six years, their customers were complaining but they would buy the product. This motivated her to keep looking.

Pitahia is a venture of glazes and other natural organic products for the body. Its name refers to the pitayas, fruit resistant to drought that occurs in different states of Mexico, including Jalisco, where it is native to Nathalie.

Today, after so long, is ready to export and have found a potential business, not only in spas and salons, also in shops of organic products. This enterprising guadalajara for 28 years comes to revolutionize this cosmetic, traditionally made with chemicals by large companies.

Family enterprising

Nathalie had doubts about what career to study, and in the meantime, decided to live in Barcelona and took a makeup course. After much thought, in 2009, chose the career of marketing, given at the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO).

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he always had the concern to do something for herself, so while I was studying the race, his taste for fashion led him to make his own business. “From small felt the cosquilla by having my company. I felt motivated when I saw my grandfather and my parents,” says the founder of Pitahia.

What most attracted his attention was to find colors for the nails, but began to realize that the glazes that were on the market were not of good quality nor of long duration. The color was not the same as it looked in the bottle or the consistency was not appropriate.

Like no to cover their needs, consulted with your mom if it was difficult to put a company of varnishes. “One day I asked him, ‘hey, mom, will it be difficult to make a mark of nail?’ I wanted to compete with the larger companies of cosmetics. And she said to me: ‘go to the factory, there sure help you,’” recalls Nathalie.

“I thought: ‘oops, how easy!’ Believed that in a week was going to be and thus not,” says the entrepreneur. And in 2011, 21 years ago, he made it easy to test in the factory painting of his grandfather Rene. He was their main ally to be able to perform experiments in the laboratory business with the help of the chemists who work there, but not getting the success you expected.

The employees of the business his grandfather did not have the experience required in cosmetics to make a formula of glaze with natural ingredients as I wanted to Nathalie. “And so I went trial and error. I realized that to make paint for the walls was nothing compared to the enamels”, talk Nathalie.

But she didn’t give up. Every time I got a color, they gave samples to their friends to try it on their nails, it had shine, nice smell, quick-drying, but always something was missing. “I wanted it all fast, the perfect formula. All-in-one: that dry fast, do not separate the colors,” says the guadalajara.

Patience and desperation to not get the formula that she wished she was wearing to their limits. Without more remedy took the decision that would shape the direction of your small business: bring it to market, knowing that the formula was not giving the quality that she was looking to match that of the enamels are made with chemicals.

Began to distribute it with their friends and in some boutiques. In that year, put on sale two collections, the first with 11 colors and the second with eight tones. Started to disseminate your product in social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, and, to his surprise, he saw that the response from customers was positive.

Already in the market and with the positive reaction that the product had received requests to sell it in spas and salons. After the search was made in Aguascalientes, Morelia and Torreón.

The perfect formula

Began complaints and the return of the products but not allowed to purchase the glaze.

“I was beginning to lose hope, and always, with a new mix I thought: this is good. But it did not reach”, he recalls with despair.

When I was in ascent, her grandfather had landed, “my grandfather René became my rival and he told me that we were going to start from scratch,” recalls Nathalie.

His grandfather René, in 2014, you requested that already to forget everything that he had made and begin again. “Since we were three years on the market, we can’t do this, he said. He wanted a clean slate. I shouted no!, I don’t want to!, and he cried a lot”, he recalls with a laugh the entrepreneur. Continued to color variations, but when his grandfather became involved in the project, everything changed.

The transition to find the best mix was an ordeal: there was no options of assembling because the companies did not want to enter the business for being complicated. She didn’t remove the finger from the line.

The chemistry that helped him to be advised with some French experts for the guidance and as well get the enamel organic. After of try and try again, was able to create, along with their researchers, a unique formula 100% free of toluene and formaldehyde, added with natural oils and pigments with lead-free.

“Today I can tell you that in November 2016 we find the perfect formula. Six years after we found her,” she recalls with enthusiasm the guadalajara, who managed to do a nail Polish with natural ingredients, with the exact amount of resin.

The test of the fire were the nails of his mom, since there was no enamel that will last. “When I got the “good mixture”, I tried it with my mom, I left to spend a few days and the result surprised me, don’t you fell!”, says the entrepreneur.

“The glazes can not be beat hand, the pigments are lead-free, made with natural oils, like coconut and almond, vitamin E, solvents, fruits, resin, and cotton to help the growth and fortification of the nail”, says the founder.

Colors mexicans to the world

Pitahia, founded in 2010, was competing with big brands cosmetic already consolidated, but has found a new market in the organic stores.

All the product sold during these years in search of the perfect formula is still “paying”, because you want that all the glazes that are on sale have the new recipe. Each product can be purchased in your page where you can see the prices, the colors of the collection and other items.

She didn’t want to involve people who were not faithful to the project and his only alternative was on-line sales. “I had a terrible fear of internet commerce, but my strategy was to generate trust in my clients,” says Nathalie. For every purchase, I did get your product in a personalized way with a card hand-made, with the name of the buyer, and thanking them for their purchase.

It is a brand with essence of mexico and in each trend to use names that refer to characteristics of the country: mother earth, shredded paper, people, magic, skull. The design and image of the brand of Pitahia was created by its founder.

The guadalajara that beautifies women without damaging the environment - Entrepreneur 1

Currently Pitahia offers not only polishes, but the brand has increased its cosmetic line, creating PITAHIABODY, which has more than 5 products and plans to include others for the care of the skin.

The venture Nathalie provides work to more than 10 women with a desire to excel every day.

To 2017 seeks to export, mainly to the united States, south Africa and Europe, where talk Nathalile, adapt the collections to the English or to the culture of each country, without losing the essence of mexico. As well as grow the brand into a string of Liverpool and Palacio de Hierro.

For this entrepreneurial optimism and persistence have been their allies in these years of hard work.

“Every day people are more conscious of taking care of the world. There is nothing better than to contribute”, says the guadalajara.

Enamels Pitahia, like fruit pitaya, both originating from Guadalajara, they endured drought and now are colorful, unique, and mexicans.


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