Consciousness green has the wind in its sails and we are more and more numerous to try to reduce our impact on the environment. Cooking, transportation, everyday objects,…it is better to consume. In the bathrooms also, the green is needed.

80% of French are sensitive to the beauty green

According to a recent study conducted by Birchbox, about eight French in 10 are interested by the beauty of the green. Only problem, the offer beauty green is still too confidential, despite a constant growth for years. Consumers also struggle to identify the natural ingredients when they study the composition of their cosmetics.

Cosmetics green favorite French

Fortunately, there are labels and names explicit (Bio, Ecocert…) to guide us towards choices that are more natural. And once the cosmetic green spotted, and it only remains to find the rare pearl ! 64% of French women explain to use only facial care 100% green. Not bad ! Side hair also, the mode is at the green since 36 % of the French do not use shampoos natural. Side make-up, it is more difficult to disentangle the natural from what is not. Only 17% of French women do and only use make-up green.

Where to find beauty products green ?

In the Face of this great maze of labels, of natural ingredients and appellations complex, BirchBox had the idea to create The Corner Green. An e-shop where find all the brands, nature-friendly, using green ingredients tested and approved by the teams of Birchbox. Shampoos, facial and body, and even cosmetics,…The Corner Green brings together a portfolio of brands.

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