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Paris, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière. Landlocked in the bustling city, the radius cosmetics shop La Vie claire is quiet and restful as a field of poppies in the spring sun. It is almost with regret that it is necessary to disturb the seller. The sign, historical actor bio, markets a castor oil » plant organic first cold pressed «, as nail care and eyelashes. Castor oil, specific packaging, » is recognized throughout the world for its valuable nutritional qualities «. Nutrient ? When questioned, the clerk squints of suspicion. Even a difficult customer.

The dialogue is laborious :

«I have a question related to castor oil. You know, it was called the oil of castor in time.

Not test on animals, no animal fat. It is without a beaver.

It is very dangerous, non ?

The beavers ?

The castor. You know Breaking Bad ? «

For those who have missed the series, the main character of Breaking Bad uses the powder of castor bean as a poison, to get rid of his opponents. Verification is made, the castor oil does not contain the molecule toxic known as ricin, at least if it is prepared in the rules. Talk about its nutritional virtues remains paradoxical, but Life Clearly does not put the health of its customers in danger.


Many allergens are all natural
— Illustration By Sébastien Calvet/Day.

Difficult to say as much of the whole sector natural cosmetics or bios. Once per month, on average, one of them is the subject of a recall european. In October 2016, it was a sunscreen brand Acorelle. So-called index 30, it contained in reality no solar filter. In December, it was a gel with aloe vera brand Agovie, too loaded in preservatives and allergens.


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