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As the years pass we learn that at the time of taking care of ourselves is not worth anything. We also know the practices that favour the aging of the skin and identify perfectly what are the signs that have begun to appear on our face and that we want to combat. Sagging is one of these dreaded companions of travel. Until now we knew that with age our skin lose elasticity, volume and firmness, but we didn’t know what it was this change in the structure of our skin.

The discovery of the cavities subdérmicas

It may be that the term cavities subdérmicas, don’t say too much but, if you say that the appearance of these cavities in the deeper layers of our skin is causing the sagging, you may want to know a little bit more of them. The recent studies carried out in the laboratories of Shiseido have discovered the appearance of these bags in the epidermis as a result of the passage of time.

These cavities are filled with grease of lower density, thereby altering the normal structure of the skin and worsening their holding power. Molecules such as collagen and proteins such as elastin that are present in our body, are able to reinforce the tissues and combat sagging. But as we years, the production of these two components is reduced which, of course, also favors this lack of elasticity and firmness in the skin.

With this discovery, for the first time, identifies a culprit but, to be able to reach these results, it is necessary the commitment of a brand that in making use of the latest technological innovations, not only find the source, but also look for a solution.

Stem cells scrollable, the solution to the sagging

Continuing his research, laboratories, Shiseido discovered a new function of the stem cells present in our walkl, the ability to move. These are the cells in charge of generating fibroblasts which in turn produce collagen and elastin.These laboratories developed their exclusive technology TruStructiv™ is capable of attracting stem cells to the cavities subdérmicas, so we can recover the volume and the firmness of the skin because it increases the production of collagen and elastin. In this way the deepest wrinkles are smoothed, the skin regains elasticity and volume, and our face looks rejuvenated thanks to the effect of lifting.

A new beauty routine

To incorporate all these innovations to our care routine, it is necessary to resort to the application of a serum, a firming cream and an eye contour. The entire line of Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Shiseido contains the technology TruStructiv™, in charge of making the skin regains firmness and wrinkles look smoothed, giving the face an expression of youth.

Every morning and on skin that is freshly washed, apply Bio-Performance LiftDynamic serum. Let take effect for a few minutes and then proceeds to apply Bio-Performance LiftDynamic cream. Finally, do not forget to look and apply Bio-Performance LiftDynamic eye contour.


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