The courses most curious that you can study on line – day-to-Day

Studying on line is a practice that is becoming increasingly more common for argentines, by the facilities offered by the web in terms of time, flexibility, comfort, and price.

From traditional English courses, to options, to make an organic kitchen garden, the offer is varied and extensive.

From Groupon, listed the most fun, special and exotic that you can find on the Internet to learn something new and get out of the routine.

1. Organic Vegetable Garden

This course shows the advantages of doing an organic garden in larger spaces such as gardens and fields, or small pots. It teaches the value of this work as a form of production individual or family. The topics range from the benefits of having an organic garden at home up to the type of irrigation, fertilizer, compost, pest control and the use of recycled material.

2. Balancing chakras with a pendulum quartz

It examines what are the Chakras and the energy system that are focusing on the seven main Chakras of the body, in addition to the history of the pendulum of quartz to recognize when a Chakra is in harmony, blocked or disharmonious and how this affects your health and well-being learning the way to keep them active.

3. Graphology scientific

Teaches its students to analyze and interpret texts manuscripts in informal situations. The course deals with issues of definition and interpretation of detailed features of writing and its speed, in addition to the pressure of the stroke, among others.

The courses most curious that you can study on line - day-to-Day 1

4. Medicinal plants

You learn how to assemble a first aid kit with natural, generating remedies and learn more about plants and herbs. Types of preparations, active substances, plants most used and common to find, properties, preparation, emotions, and diseases.

Natural cosmetics

Teaches how to make different natural cosmetic products and applications of aromatherapy to create an own line of products. Aromatherapy, choice of essences, preparation of energy with natural products are some of the topics that are explored.

The courses most curious that you can study on line - day-to-Day 2


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