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The family of natural cosmetics is a great family, with brands that hatch, and others who have difficulty getting out of the closed circle of aficionados. On the subject – which emerges undeniably – it is an ingredient just as essential as elsewhere, the concept of differentiation. For Officinéa, this is the fact that every day, by the application of different products, creams, serums, or other, a woman applies on her skin a hundred chemical ingredients. And some of which can be harmful. Where the direction taken by the laboratory located in Grasse,»to contribute to changing the world of cosmetics by developing care at the forefront of green chemistry, ultra-clean and that, most importantly, that really works, «says Candice Colin, his co-founder.

Green circle…ueux

Born in July 2013, Officinéa is based in R&D on the expertise of Claire Gagliolo, co-founder with Candice Colin brand, which counts now 14 products, available in creams, balms, serums, hides, or oil. The R&D work uses the laboratory of the Master Foqual of the University of Nice, installed within the nursery InnovaGrasse, which is dedicated to companies in the sector of perfumery, cosmetics and flavours. Some of the tests, and bacteriology in particular, are made by a company in the nursery, which is their specialty. The suppliers are also local or regional, apart from the bottle which is made in Italy.

A touch of digital

But to go further in the differentiation and in the idea of a cosmetic without the toxicity, Officinéa has created an internal mobile app called Clean Beauty, launched in early February, and which allows you using the photo of the list of ingredients constituting the product of beauty, to determine in a few seconds if it contains harmful substances such as endocrine disruptors, allergens or nanomaterials. Because you should not omit the possible mixtures cocktail, the regulation does not take into account the cumulative effect. In four weeks, 22 000 downloads were recorded. This first foray into the beauty world, scanned, soon to be followed by a second application, for the time being still in development, but that Candice Colin promises to be «hyper-innovative«. Because the ambition of the laboratory, hinterland of grasse is truly to become a referent in the field of beauty green attached, «the development of the new technologies coming to bring an added value unique in this sector«, said the president of the SME which employs 6 employees and who do not forget the development through the direct sales network. For the time being consisting of 200 consultants across the Hexagon, the goal is to grow to $ 1, 000 to 2, 000 specialists. Like what digital and tradition it is a winning formula.


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