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Since this letter exists, Manon Lambesc and I have already given you lots of recipes and good advice to move to the Slow Cosmetics… Our recipes are simple, but sometimes they require a product less common. I am told that many among you, especially those just starting out – would like to know what are the essential and indispensable for the beauty au natural ! You will see that this is not so complicated as this, and that a single product can serve you for various uses and various…

N°1 : A vegetable oil, virgin and quality

Do not tell me that you thought that the oils were confined to the kitchen… To the bathroom, it would be equally wrong to deny it ! Since, thanks to a single vegetable oil that we choose, preferably virgin and organic, you can make all kinds of care :

  • Vegetable oil, if it is neutral, can be used as a makeup remover. It is the mass of the fingertips on the facial makeup and all the makeup dissolves with it. It remains only to rub the face gently with a glove, textile delicate, wet but wrung out, or with a wipe and machine washable. You will see that it is very gentle, even for sensitive skin or around the eyes. Regardless of your skin type, I recommend the apricot kernel oil because it has an excellent quality/price ratio and it is rich in vitamins.
  • The oil can also become your beauty serum anti-age. A virgin oil is naturally rich in fatty acids complex and antioxidants. It is, therefore, a treatment that nourishes, hydrates, limiting water loss and protects from the aging. You just have to massage it every night 3 big drops warmed in the hands, the face and neck. In the evening, this oil massage beauty is sufficient unto itself, and replaces the night cream ! Here again, the kernel of the apricot can be a good choice for all types of skin, like the argan.
  • Most virgin oils are also very good hair care. Before a shampoo, you can coat your hands with oil of argan, apricot kernel, avocado or macadamia, and «massage» your hair with the palms. You also get to massage and nourish the scalp. The care remains resting on the head for at least an hour under a towel. It is followed by a wash with a simple shampoo. The hair is softer, stronger and more manageable.

You don’t know what vegetable oil choose [1]? If there were only one, I would advise you to again the apricot kernel oil so versatile ; however, argan oil is also very suitable for the care that I have proposed here.

N°2 : From soap to cold

We have already talked about : the soap cold is the mildest of all soaps, because it is more rich in natural glycerin that know the trade and the vegetable oils that compose it are respected. With a loaf of soap to cold, you replace the shower gel. At the same time, you avoid having to throw it in the trash a plastic bottle, and you use a product without water and are therefore much more environmentally friendly to transport.

The soap cold allows you to wash entirely, and there is one for every taste [2]. You can even wash the hair with and hence replace the shampoo, to the extent that it concerns a soap with cold enriched in clay » cleansing «, as the rhassoul for example.

N°3 : baking soda food

This white powder that looks like chalk is not used to manufacture household products. It is an essential ingredient in natural cosmetics !

Each morning, you can rub a little baking soda, ultra-slim under the armpits. It is dust then the little grain of superfluous with a washcloth or dry a houppette, a bit like a talc. Result ? A deodorant to be very effective and 100 % natural with no ingredients polemics for the health !

It can be applied in the same way on the feet if you tend to sweat in his shoes, or even, add a tiny pinch of baking soda on the toothpaste for a whiteness guaranteed.

The bicarbonate is also used as powder exfoliating in Slow Cosmetic. It is mixed in equal parts with vegetable oil, argan or apricot kernel for example, and you get a paste exfoliating to massage it very gently on the skin of the body or of the face to make it soft and remove dead skin.

N°4 : A good aloe vera gel

This precious gel cosmetic is not superfluous to the bathroom. We immediately think of sunburns and irritations that aloe vera soothes, but its benefits don’t stop there ! In Slow Cosmetic, aloe vera gel can be a base of care very useful for the beauty of the skin, and even hair…

In the morning, you can mix 3 large drops of aloe vera gel with 1 to 2 drops of vegetable oil in the hands. One mass then the resulting mixture on the clean face. This gesture replaces highly-effective day cream with hydrating and protective [3].
After shampooing, you can massage a few drops of aloe vera gel on wet hair. It is a detangler and outstanding care after-shampoo worthy brands ! We rinse it off or not, your choice.

N°5 : An essential oil of lavender bio

Not worth acquire a kit aromatherapist to cope with the small aches and pains of everyday life. The essential oil of lavender is a good do-it-all in style !

If an ugly button on the tip of its nose, you can apply a drop of this essential oil. We enter and this operation is repeated up to six times in the day. The next day, the button vanished, or almost !

You can also add 2 drops of this essential oil in each dose of shampoo, or oil care for the hair. Why ? Not only its fragrance is pleasant, but the biochemical profile of this essential oil makes it an active anti-hair loss !

It will also be used to keep away the lice : simply massage a dab behind each ear, at the base of the hair, before you go off to school. This gesture can be performed as early as three years, without contra-indication if it is obviously allergy. The essential oil of lavender is also ideal for de-stress : if we add a drop to a teaspoon of oil, you will get a massage oil, relaxing, worthy of the great beauty institutes.

Well to you,

Julien Kaibeck

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