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Starting a business is hard and costs a lot of money, and unfortunately nothing ensures that it will work. So this is a call to entrepreneurs who want to navigate the world of business with some support for their backs. What such a franchise? In the end, we can’t all be Steve Jobs or Amancio Ortega, because that would mean that the world’s wealth would be shared, and God forbid.

In any case, let’s consider the advantages of a franchise: the investment is lower, you do not need to take care of the advertising and accounts with the name and resources of a known brand that you endorse. But, where do you start? It all depends on the tastes, needs and resources of each one, but we will be bringing you a list of five franchises that this 2017 may be a good bet.

The franchises of organic and natural products, a nest of opportunities to exploit

What green we’re going; that would be the summary of the last three years. Consumers have developed a certain awareness of the harmful compounds found in many hygiene products. Let’s say that we have become more exquisite and want to go back to things like the soap of Marseille that our grandmothers used, or the natural oils to look beautiful and healthy mane.

So much so that, according to the market research Transparency Market Research, the growing conocimientor about the dangers associated with the synthetic chemicals will cause the demand for personal hygiene products organic grow until 2020. On the other hand, Grand View Research has published that in 2020 the sales of natural cosmetics and eco will have grown 350%, coming to check in on all the world around 14,500 million euros, doubling the turnover of just three years ago.

The majority of these products are still difficult to find in Spain and sales from especially the Internet. For that reason it seems a good time to start placing physical stores that will bring this market to the consumer. Let’s look at some ideas.

Goccia verde

Do you remember when your grandmother I told you how the milkman used to fill the bottle of milk each day? What carton? That’s garbage that pollutes!

The same think Goccia Verde of the packaging and of the components of the household cleaning products and cosmetics today. Your aim is to sell detergents, soaps and cosmetics 100% natural bulk; no sulfates, no phosphates, nickel free, no parabens, no nothing of anything that causes harm to your skin, your home, or to the environment. And in addition, their containers are reusable and biodegradable; although if you go with a tupperware old house, too, you fill it with the product that you want.

But let’s talk about numbers, why invest in a franchise Goccia Green? For a start it is a good option for those who do not have much starting capital: there is no entry fee, are not paid royalties for the exploitation, or canon of advertising. It is one of the franchises most accessible level of capital that up to now has shown good yields. Basically need the money to refurbish the local (less than 20,000 euros), as well as the staff to work which can be a single person or two. In about six weeks you can have the store up and running. One of their other advantages is that it deals with products of high turnover, because they are used every day and that consumers should be renewed, therefore once you get a customer will return on a frequent if you have been satisfied with the product.

  • Minimum Capital/investment: 19.500 eur + VAT
  • Entry fee: no
  • Royalty of exploitation: there is no
  • Canon marketing: there is no
  • Recovery of investment: three years (operating profit 8.100€)
  • Contract: six years
  • Minimum size of room: 40 square meters
  • Inhabitants minimum: 1,000 inhabitants
  • Staff required: One or two people
  • Total number of franchises and shops that are currently open: more than 25
  • Competition: low

The Window Natural

It is a chain of stores of herbal dietetics that belongs to the group Laboratorios Ynsadiet. Was consolidated in Spain in 2014 for reaching a hundred shops and check more than 14 million euros, achieving the second position within the sector of the herbal dietetics.

Offer two types of franchises that require little investment at the same time that extensive margins of trade: the tent or the so-called market. The initial investment can range from 16,000 euros to 45,000, depending on the model chosen, and has calculated a success rate of 87.5%, according to the company itself. There are already more than 200 establishments in Spain, which means that in the last two years have doubled the number of stores.

  • Minimum Capital/investment: between € 20,000 and € 40,000
  • Entry fee: 3,000 euros
  • Royalty of exploitation: 5% on the purchase quarterly
  • Canon marketing: there is no
  • Recovery of investment: not specified (87.5% of franchises are profitable)
  • Contract: five years
  • Minimum size of room: up to 45 square metres with a window, and from 50 square meters to the markets
  • Inhabitants minimum: 10,000 inhabitants and a commercial area with foot traffic
  • Staff needed: more than two
  • Total number of franchises and shops that are currently open: More than 200
  • Competition: Natur House main competitor

The franchises of gastronomy, in Spain we like to eat that shit you

The culinary world is something that the spaniards enjoyed. Since 2013, the horeca sector has been outperforming its black days of crisis, reaching out to close the 2015 with a 3% growth , and continue down the same path in 2016. It also imposes the demand for healthy food and to wear; or to put it another way the fast food healthy.

These are some examples of franchises that work in this context. The key is in the specialization.


The chain of restaurants UDON has given a new meaning to asian food in Spain. It has nothing to do with the buffets chinese or japanese to which we are accustomed. Frankly, the quality is much better and the prices do not suffer at all: the menu daily what you get for less than 11 euros and eat a la carte you can go up to an average of 14 euros.

In short, good food and prices for fatal. Perhaps this is the success of UDON, which was 2016, with three new openings in Viladecans, Alicante and Valencia. Are 41 restaurants all over Spain and I would encourage you that if you want to be part of a franchise optéis by expanding the great taste of their broths and noodles for more territories. Not only because the food is delicious, but because it is a string sound and a type of restaurant that still has no competition in most cities.

The billing scheduled for a franchise UDON goes from 560.000 euros the first year, up to 660.000 euros in three years. From the chain it is estimated that the recovery of the initial investment, which can reach up to 300,000 euros, depending on the characteristics of the local, this can be achieved in less than three years.

This is a bet big, since there is no possibility of making a small investment. However, the chain is still in full growth that makes the competition remains low in most cities. In addition, UDON has agreements via the ICO of leasing or renting with Banco Sabadell to facilitate the investment, although it is recommended to have a minimum of a 30 or 40% of the resources they own, without any loans, which would count with a € 100,000 in cash and to tocateja.

In the past 12 years, the success has been accompanied, both at the restaurants of the chain as its franchisees, since no one has closed to date no local.

  • Minimum Capital/investment: from € 280,000 + VAT (depending on the venue)
  • Entry fee: € 30,000 + VAT
  • Royalty of exploitation (monthly): 4%
  • Canon marketing: 1%
  • Recovery of investment: less than three years
  • Contract: ten years, renewable to five years
  • Minimum size of the room: 120 square feet
  • Inhabitants minimum: undefined
  • Staff required: more than five
  • Total number of franchises and shops that are currently open: 41
  • Competition: average


The chain offers food that is prepared homemade and natural at affordable prices. Their motto is ‘sell time’, just the one that the client does not have to cook in the times. Often placed in areas of trade, market or near work areas and offices to reach customers in their greatest time of need.

Started in Barcelona in 1999 and in 2012 started a new business form that has led them to open 86 stores in barcelona, 14 in Madrid and stores in capitals such as Palma, Zaragoza, Valencia and Montpellier. Their fronts are internationalisation and the home delivery.

Your franchise system places facilities to be able to make the investment without having a lot of equity. Offer the possibility of finance through contract hire, which would mean an initial outlay of from 28,000 euros, plus a monthly fee that covered the rest of the necessary investment. It is not necessary to spend a lot on staff once in place, because with one or two people is sufficient for small premises. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay royalty of exploitation and that the local people can have affordable prices given which asks for a minimum of 60 square feet .

  • Minimum Capital/investment: from € 70,000 according to the local (900 euros/square meter), including the canon of accession
  • Entry fee: (included)
  • Royalty of exploitation (monthly): No
  • Canon marketing: 2% on sales
  • Recovery of investment: possible return in three years
  • Contract: ten years
  • Minimum size of room: minimum of 60 square feet
  • Inhabitants minimum: 25,000 in areas that are very commercial or offices
  • Staff required: between one and two people
  • Total number of franchises and shops that are currently open: 118 (six foreign)
  • Competition: average

The Manon

Call the Boutique to the Bread and it is not for less. In the recipes of their artisanal products have participated two prestigious chefs: Pourcel, with two Michelin stars, and Tony Lallement, awarded with the Elyseé Monceau Royal.

Offer bread and pastries, 100% natural, with the best wheat direct from Galicia and France. The oven is made of stone, recipes with sourdough and kneading slow and with loving care. Their motto is the fast deli, so that we can enjoy delicacies from gourmet to take-away or seated and accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

In a market that seems saturated with bakeries, why put another? According to data from the ASEMAC (Spanish Association of the Industry of Bakery, Pastries and Cakes) between 2010 and 2015, the turnover of the sector increased by 26%.

The Manon offers a concept of differential, that is the exquisiteness of the hand of anyone. I put it as an example because this is an average investment and most affordable within the market of the restoration and the power, but who could offer the same cost-effectiveness as other franchises. Currently have 11 stores in Galicia and Madrid. There are three types of franchises, the largest of which offers the possibility of including area of a café and a wine tasting.

  • Minimum Capital/investment: from 59.000 euros
  • Entry fee: from 8,000 euros to 18,000 euros + VAT
  • Royalty of exploitation (monthly): 5% + VAT
  • Canon marketing: there is no
  • Recovery of the investment (rate of return): between two and three years
  • Contract: ten years
  • Minimum size of the local: a minimum of 60 metres cuadados
  • Inhabitants minimum: 40,000 in specific areas of exclusivity
  • Staff required: between one and two people
  • Total number of franchises and shops that are currently open: three own nine franchises
  • Competition: average


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