It all began in 1999, during a family meal in the Luberon valley. Stone Vausselin, the father, Anne, the eldest, and Valerie is the youngest member came up with the idea to combine their passion for nature – the two sisters have spent their entire childhood in Lozere, in the heart of a wild nature – and the infinite possibilities of the Internet, which was then in its infancy.

They cast therefore, Aroma-Zone, a site of free information about essential oils, created in six hands, in a traditional manner : “In the 2000s, the essential oils were reserved for an elite, on the one hand because all the information available about them was very complex – and often in English, on the other hand, as their prices make them inaccessible,” says Anne Vausselin, director general of the mark.

Aroma-Zone : to the origin, essential oils at an affordable price

Soon, producers from around the world make contact with the family Vausselin for their offer to sell their essential oils. Surprised, they make come the first samples of Madagascar, in Mexico or India, analyze and then finally decide to propose to the internet users interested in aromatherapy.

This is the beginning of the e-shop. We are in 2005 and if the goal remains to communicate about the properties of essential oils with a information provided and documented -” they bought a bunch of books on essential oils, that has been translated and popularised, ” says Anne Vausselin – the challenge is to quickly commercialize these products at the right price, in a fair trade approach.

When the cosmetic home-made is needed

“Little by little, they broadened the range, at the request of customers, who have begun to want of the vegetable oils to dilute their essential oils,” remembers Anne Vausselin.

Aroma-Zone makes available to its customers, floral waters called hydrosols, plant oils and bee’s wax. With these ingredients, we can concoct the cold of Galen, a beauty cream ancestral to the texture waxy and oily, the first recipe DIY, made possible by the company. “I had just the cosmetic industry – editor’s note : she has worked within the L’oréal group – and I knew the formulations of beauty products,” says the head of the company.

In the Face of the tremendous success encountered by this test, the mark starts to offer other products : bases, neutrals, gels, creams, emulsifiers, and completes its range with specific active ingredients such ashyaluronic acid or natural co-enzyme Q10. Not to mention the appearance of containers; jars, tubes and other bottles pumps. In sum, all you need to do-it-yourself cosmetics 100% natural and suitable to its needs.

Listening, proximity to the customer and fair trade

“Our DNA is turned towards the respect of Man and nature, it is proposed that products and processes as environmentally friendly as possible, both in the packaging, sale, packaging,… “, explains Anne Vausselin when asked what are the values of his company. And if the label natural is indeed the cornerstone of this family business, ethics is no less a fundamental pillar.

So, in addition to buy its raw materials at the right price “in order to enable local communities to live well and expand,” Aroma-Zone finance equipment for the producers with whom the company works. All of this without of course forgetting the customer, at the other end of the chain : “The trade fair is also, for us, to democratize the essential oils. This entails reducing our margins to the maximum to provide customers to buy quality without breaking the bank “.

Listening to the desires and needs of the latter since its inception the brand has been a point of honor to limit the intermediaries, and left to go to a service yet imagined as central in this case : the marketing segment, non-existent at Aroma-Zone !

Of the sale of the factory to the workshops of cosmetics parisians

It is in this process of listening and proximity with the customer that the brand decided to open a small shop in Paris, in 2009. Prior to that, it is in a tiny local glued at the factory of Coustellet, in the Luberon, that Aroma-Zone takes the pulse of his followers : “We opened on Sunday at the same time as the market and in the evening, it was proposed a couple of workshops. “

In the capital, this will be the first of 20 square meters located in the bottom of the rue Mouffetard, before the boulevard Saint-Germain and its 60 square meters which, in the face of success, won’t last long. “We worked like that, both good and bad, until 2014, where we had the chance to find the local Odeon, 500 square meters “, plays Anne Vausselin.

Workshops cosmetics-home, shop and even spa find – finally – a suitable place. It is also the opportunity to get the essential oils at the heart of the business, with workshops ofaromatherapy.

September 2017, a second shop Aroma-Zone in Paris

The result ? Aroma-Zone glimpse at the image of his success : grandiose. In the month of September, the mark will be installed as well on the prestigious Boulevard Haussmann in a place that will mix again shop, workshop and no doubt other services that remain to be invented, always with the aim of facilitating the comprehension and the composition of the products by the customers.

Similarly, openings in the province and in the larger cities of France are considered. Proof, if any were needed, that the essential oils can definitely do wonders.

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The three essential oils are indispensable in daily life, according to Anne Vausselin

  • The essential oil of lavender : “One chooses according to his tastes, olfactory or fine lavender or aspic. It is useful at the lower bobo – bite, burn, headache by applying on the temples, it disinfects, heals and relaxes when breathing. It helps for example to fall asleep more easily. Its more ? She is very sweet and can be used pure for all, including children. “
  • The essential oil of tea tree : “It is a powerful antibacterial, perfect to disinfect, to get rid of her acne pimples. At the slightest onset of infection – sore throat, ears…, if it is used for massage, the essential oil of tea tree stops the pain. It also helps for the household, because it disinfects and smells good. It can also be used pure as it is sweet. “
  • The everlasting Italian (or flower of immortal) : “His name does not indicate, but she is a native of Corsica. It is an essential oil spectacular for the blues, blows, bruises : place a drop, often in synergy with lavender, on the blue ; it is very restorative. The best way is to dilute in a vegetable oil. Finally, it also heals the bruises of the soul, simply by olfaction, or a drop in the hollow of the wrist. “