See What Happens To Your Body When You Start Taking Spoonful Of Olive Oil Everyday

It’s not necessarily known as a thirst-quencher, but drinking olive oil is not something completely unheard of. By doing a quick search on the internet, you can learn about the many benefits that drinking just a small amount of olive oil can provide. The health benefits of olive oil are extensive. From antioxidants that protect blood cells from damage, to cardiovascular benefits it has lots of positives to offer no matter how you consume it. 1.Benefits Your Brain
Olive oil is excellent for your brain because it’s packed chock-full of healthy fats. Saturated fats are dangerous and can cause major damage to your body. However, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, and it works wonders for your brain!
That’s because the lipids in the oil help nurture the neurological pathways in your brain, which allow impulses and thoughts to move more efficiently.
2.Helps Your Heart
Olive-oil is probably best known for being a heart-healthy superfood. That’s because your body needs fats, but we often get them from the wrong sources. Too much red meat, fried food, and cheese can block your arteries.
In contrast, the fat you get from olive oil can help improve your heart health and unclog your arteries along the way — if you pair it with the right foods.
According to Forbes, when you pair olive-oil with a dark leafy green like kale, you create a nitro fatty acid that reduces inflammation and relaxes the blood vessels to lower blood pressure and improve blood-flow.
3.Weight Loss
Olive oil may be a healthy fat, but it’s still a fat. So you might be thinking, how could it possibly help with weight loss? It sounds counterintuitive, but some fats actually help you lose-weight, and olive oil is one of them.
Partially, it helps by simply helping your body work more efficiently, like processing the good stuff out of your food and getting rid of the bad stuff in your waste. A 2010 study also showed that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil contributed to more weight loss than a low-fat diet. It also boosted HDL (good) cholesterol, which helps aid in weight loss. 4.Skin, Nail, And Hair Health
Looking for healthier and happier skin, nails, and hair? Look no further than your grocery shelf.
Olive oil contains lots of Vitamin-E, which is an important micronutrient for helping your hair, skin, and nails retain moisture and stay glossy and healthy.
You can reap the benefits by taking Olive-oil by the spoonful, or get to the root of the problem and apply olive-oil in place of face and hand cream. Additionally, you can use it as a hair mask.
5.Keeps You Young
Olive oil is packed full of polyphenols, a type of antioxidant associated with anti-aging properties.
Aging is an incredibly complex process that science doesn’t fully understand, but early studies have shown that polyphenols can help slow or reverse some signs of aging and age-related illnesses.
That means that olive oil is a veritable fountain of youth. Cursos Cosmética Natural Málaga Talleres Jabones Naturales Málaga

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