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We have heard many times that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and although we do not know if it is all truth what we do know is that it is the area of the face that betrays the passing of the years.

Crow’s feet, dark circles, bags, swelling, are the most common problems that, as we age, tend to appear or to speak much more.

The good news is that the cosmetics continues to make its best effort to combat and conceal these hideous signs of aging. To bring us up to date on some of the available treatments to enhance the eye area, we spoke with Natalie Aguilar, cosmetologist and owner of Afterglow Beverly Hills, a boutique for skin is located in Los Angeles, who recommended the following:

1. The Afterglow Eye Peel: When our customers are looking for a treatment for the eyes that is fast but very effective, usually we suggest our peel must without pain. This peel for eyes, immediately helps cool not only the eye area but also the entire face. The peel helps to reduce dark circles, minimize the swelling, lift the look and best of all, it helps to erase those fine lines around the eyes. The peel takes 5 to 10 minutes and the clients literally come in and out. The results are instant, but if we recommend that you make the peel a few days before the event. The redness and swelling can occur but usually subsides after 15 to 30 minutes of treatment.

2. The Afterglow Plasma Eye Therapy: The therapy of plasma for eyes is the last thing to help decrease fine lines/wrinkles, and help improve the area crepe eyes. For this therapy, a little bit of blood is withdrawn from the arm of the client and is processed with a machine centrifuge to separate the plasma from the platelets. Once separated, the plasma can be use for several treatments for the eyes from micro-injections, micro-needle, micro-roller, which contain some wonderful properties of healing and help transform sad eyes, and sunken eyes a rejuvenated, enlightened, and strong.

3. Ultherapy: Known as the facelift non-surgical. Ultherapy is a true gem when the clients need to be rejuvenated, radiant and refreshed naturally. The Ultherapy works through the power of a sound wave to create a lift natural in the area of eyebrows and eyelids. To the contrary of the surgery that has many risks and side effects as pain, scarring, and swelling, with the Ultherapy you need to zero rest time. The most important thing is that clients are still with a natural look and without “touch-up”.

4. Micro-current Eye Patch: We are looking for a fashion of masks for the eyes in which technology is used micro-current that helps to perform active solutions and more deep in the skin. This micro-current helps to stimulate circulation to diminish dark circles and minimize wrinkles and crow’s feet. These masks help to improve the contour of the eyes.



Natalie Aguilar cosmetologist, and owner of the skincare boutique in Los Angeles, Afterglow Beverly Hills.


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