Regional producers are seeking new markets in Brazil – The Day

Since you are taking the first approaches to the nuts, and local wines are marketed in the country carioca, this in the framework of the opportunities provided by the bi-oceanic Corridor and the future construction of the Agua Negra Tunnel.

More than 250 entrepreneurs regional different items are located in the Expo Coquimbo Region, providing its products for various fields, such as crafts, gourmet, natural cosmetics, liquors, and technology. Within this broad diversity, there are those who already begin to consolidate their work and begin to analyze the possibility of expanding its limits beyond the national borders.

It is the case of the Limari Nuts, Agricultural Cooperative that brings together 23 producers of the commune of Monte Patria, Ovalle and Punitaqui. Darwin Moon, manager of this group and details that together produce about 300 tons of nuts, a product that they hope to introduce in the brazilian market as they can offer quality and competitive prices.

“Last year, we held our first international tour supported by the Corporación Regional de Desarrollo productivo, where we made important contacts for our business, to which we have given continuity and are now in the month of April we will count with the visit of brazilian companies interested, they want to know our facilities and product in the field, with the aim of achieving agreements that allow us to complete a trade”, she explains.

“I feel that we can get where we want because we have multiple advantages. For example, our nuts have a size and color that makes them very attractive. In the South of Chile also produce nuts, but the wet weather required for drying the nuts in industrial furnaces which of course, generated an additional expense in the production. In contrast, the nuts that we produce in our Region are benefited by the dry climate, so here we do not require a drying unit as this process develops naturally in the shade. This condition allows us to reduce our costs and offer a competitive price,” explains the manager of the Limari Nuts.

Also, the wines are among the products that arouse a high interest in Brazil. Raul Carmona, sales representative Viña Dalbosco points out that “we are interested to export our strain carmenere, a strain that is very good in the area North of Chico, we have just won a medal wines carmenere in the world, where we obtained a silver medal”. Added to that this drink that makes Chile known in the world, not only is it consumed in order to accompany meals, but that is setting a trend as a healthy product.

“It is regarded as a contribution to health and many people are taking a cup a day because it is recommended by their doctors. We have wines that meet strict rules in regard to the friendliness with the environment because we do not use pesticides, what allows us to have wines very healthy.”

It should be noted that these producers are part of the group of 15 beneficiaries of the programme Market Opportunities of the bi-oceanic Corridor of the Regional Corporation of Development of production, Corfo, focused on organizing business conferences, business meetings, and to support companies to identify those advantages as well as its shortcomings to take advantage of commercial alliances international. For this year envisages meetings in Argentina (Córdoba, Rosario and Santa Fe) and Brazil (Porto Alegre).


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