Recipes with coffee: a classic in the kitchen – LA NACION (Argentina)

In Argentina, the hour of the «cup of coffee» more than a custom is a rite. See the people sitting in bars, drinking a coffee while chatting is already a postcard of life in our country, and nothing would be the same if you ceased to exist.

In homage to this beautiful tradition, here are three desserts that the café provides an aroma that is unrivaled.

Outside of the classic and acclaimed tiramisu, there are many desserts that are fitted to the coffee.

A coffee cream

This delicious ice cream dessert, perfect for hot days

Postre helado
Dessert ice cream.

A cake classic

This proposal, which does not lose validity, the cake mocha with soft cream with coffee flavor

Torta moka
Cake mocha.

Cookies in order to bring all sides

Some cookies for tea time (or coffee), full of flavor

Masitas con café
Cookies with coffee.

Pound cake with honey

A cake of honey, where the coffee is mixed perfectly with the other ingredients

Torta de miel
Cake of honey.

A recipe salt

And for those who have a palate curious a brown sauce created to accompany any type of meat. Will surprise more than one

Salsa para carnes
Sauce for meats.

Benefits of coffee:

In medicine: the main property of coffee is caffeine, being a natural stimulant. It incorporates some remedies to fight against the tiredness

In cosmetics: creams with caffeine are used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. On the other hand, are used masks to coffee to smooth the skin

As fertilizer: the remains of coffee contains many minerals that are excellent for the growth of the plants. In some chains of coffee you get for free.


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