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Editor’s note: with the order to maintain the integrity and the meaning of the text of the columnist respected a number of terms that could be offensive to some readers.

Kim Kardashian just came back to break the Internet. What has been done so many times that we should seek a new term. This time, because a paparazzi took photos in Punta Mita, Mexico, to his great and recognized back in 2014 starred in the cover of the magazine Paper. These photos, however, shows ‘
buttocks’ without touch-ups, with cellulite, as they tend to be the ‘butt’ of that size.

The photos that tell the story behind the rear-millionaire Kim Kardashian

The butt of Kim Kardashian produces mixed feelings. To see the photos, the presenter Sussana Reid in Great Britain held that Kim Kardashian “shows up in a natural way” and its companion set, Piers Morgan, replied «What have you achieved by having cellulite? […] The defects should not be celebrated». In this talk a summary of the reasons why the ‘ass’ Kim Kardashian is important.

First is what it says Reid, that the Kardashian “shows the natural”. This phrase is key because it tells us two things, first that she has the power to choose to be displayed, does not show a third party, it shows, even with the paparazzi that they purport to “steal photos” we know that Kardashian is in complete control of your image. The big problem with the images of the bodies of the women is who decides what images are posted, who is profiting from them, who uses them. The historical answer to these three questions is the same: men. Or to be more precise, men, whites, heterosexuals. However, in the case of Kim Kardashian, the answer is herself. She is the one who is profiting from these images and who is in control of his narrative. This is a power unusual for a woman. Now, the thing would be more revolutionary if in time to make a profit for itself of a system that fetichiza the race and objectifies women, help to destroy that system. But even with that limitation, every time people ask, «why care so much about the butt of Kim Kardashian?» forces us to question that system.



Video: The evolution of the rear-millionaire Kim Kardashian /Univision

The second thing is that Reid says that Kardashian is “natural”, when it is evident that it is not: Kim Kardashian is a woman who, every day, produces itself for the cameras, it takes years intervening and your body (be it with makeup, surgeries, or gym) to look like an ideal. It seems a thing most rare, but in reality this is something that all people do with our bodies: we dye the hair, use contact lenses, we resort to the orthodontic treatment. No one is natural. But Reid uses the word “natural” because, like having a ‘ass’ big man is usually frowned upon, women work a lot to change it or hide it. Kardashian does the opposite: it presumes. So it is not that she is all-natural, it is who refuses to disguise a part of your body that society requires us to keep it hidden.

And there is where comes the problem of race. What we think is beautiful actually has in the background some political reasons. For example, it seems to us that the noses are fine and small respingadas, as the noses of the white people. The cosmetic industry sells loads of hair products to women all over the world alisen your hair, to have it as white women. The beauty also depends on exercise and eating well, something that in the contemporary world it is a luxury of the upper classes, who are the only ones that have the money and the time to do it. And ‘asses’, well, they are supposed to be small, duritos and paraditos, as they tend to have the ladies-rich white. In the spectrum of the feura tend to be brown skin, curly hair, noses flat and wide and the ‘assholes’ large. Do you see? Most of the times that beauty is pure racism and there is a wide range of beauty treatments whose function is to make us pure.


When in the famous success of Calle 13, ‘Dare’, a line says “here toa’ the puerto ricans know karate they cook with tomato sauce wet rice with a little bit of avocado pa’ harvest buttocks 14 karat”, the line is shocking and empowering. Outrageous because in our society white talking about the rear thing is a taboo. Literature, dance and african music in change, make it a celebration to this part of the body, which in this context is a form of resistance. That is to say: “we are not white”. Because of all these, any person of great ‘buttocks’ will tell us that the thing is irremediable. And these people can spend their lives hating that part of your body for not conforming to the beauty standards of white or love it and celebrate it, say that it is are «buttocks of 14-karat gold». I’m sure that verse was and still is very empowering to many women.

And now to finish, a drum roll and distorted of eyes to comment on what he said Piers Morgan, a white man and european talking about what is and is not a defect in the body of a woman of color. Do you see the violence? For years, men have dictated what is and is not a defect in our bodies. Cellulite for example seems to be the worst thing that can happen to you, but the majority of women have it and it does no harm to the health. However, as we have been told that it is a defect, and that we have such men, of course, there are tipejos like this that that to associate it with a lack of morality.


If the butt of Kim Kardashian has power is because we, with our prejudices, is what we give. We are shocked that a woman owns her body. We are offended that this woman held a trait of your body that tends to be discriminated against. And she, as he did with the sex tape that was leaked without his consent, we turned our racism and our sexism and is profiting from them. That’s why we replied to Piers Morgan: «you ask what I do. I’m sitting here on the beach with my perfect body».


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