New line of high cosmetics with the imagery of Alice in the Country … – Martin Cid (blog)

New line of high cosmetics with the imagery of Alice in the Country ... - Martin Cid (blog) 1

Cosmetic intentional where the attitude is one more ingredient in the exquisite formula of each product

A new line of natural cosmetics Spanish gets these days to the sale with the intention of making the daily ritual of beauty, a unique moment, where it is so important to the formula of the products, such as the attitude of trust of each woman with herself.

The inspiration has been Alice of Lewis Carroll, that child is curious, confident and independent, so far from those perfect fairy princesses waiting to be rescued. Authentic and non-conformist, Alicia interprets the world from his own perspective, and live life as a great adventure, always looking for new perspectives.

In Beautyland, the beauty comes not imposed by canons stereotypical, but that is as diverse and plural as are the women who live there.

The catalog consists of a face moisturizer of action neurocosmética, creating a feeling of well-being in the skin; cleansing facial gel based 5 natural oils that becomes a cleansing milk upon contact with water base; mineral makeup with finishing effect of an airbrush with 15 tones; blush, mineral, 5 colors, both formulated with precious stones; and soft brushes specially designed for your application. And this is only the beginning of a great project looking forward to incorporate new releases.

Each of the products has been made with special love and care, the fruit of a long research to get the textures and desired results. Among its components have been used raw materials of the highest quality and ingredients of eco-certification. We can find hidrolatos floral, vegetable oils, shea butter, natural scent of ylang ylang, diamond powder, ruby, amethyst, moonstone and pearls. All an exaltation of the senses with a flawless result, and suitable for sensitive skins.

Cosmetic intentional
The attitude is what changes everything. And if so: why not apply this philosophy to life in front of the mirror? Almost as in a game, the new cosmetics line bet to increase the benefit provided by the composition of natural ingredients and exclusive products, with a personal commitment to feel good and comfortable in your own skin. Because every woman is naturally beautiful. “Imagine Alice turned into a woman, and simulating the cake ‘eat me’ or the bottle of ‘made’, we have created a packaging so that it is now she who tell the product what to do, so that the attitude can influence a process that is more fun”application.

Alice in Beautyland is born in Madrid. Eva and Aroa are two sisters who, from small, your parents instilled the respect for Nature, and his mother learned the secrets of the professional cosmetics. The chance made that both have sensitive skin and reactive and, due to the difficulties to find appropriate products for them, decided to create their own cosmetic brand. Knowledgeable, in addition, the importance of stress and attitude on skin wanted to take it a step further with the cosmetic purpose.

Beautyland is not only cosmetic, it is above all an attitude.
We firmly believe in the magic of the attitude of the people, which we consider as one more ingredient in our products and equally important. In Beautyland, you come to undertake the journey, you commit yourself to. Because true beauty is born of an inner journey.

All women are naturally beautiful, each in its originality
We believe that true beauty, unique and special each one is, is reflected beyond what is visible through an attitude. We do cosmetic intentional, products with own character for you to put them with a purpose: to enhance your own beauty.

Nature is our ally
We create products of high natural cosmetics for people willing to commit themselves, and they want to respect the balance and well-being of your skin. We believe in the power of the nature, our source of resources, and design formulas for active and effective textures, fresh and light, for the skin to breathe and feel a great sense of well-being. Don’t we test on animals, and use ingredients from organic cultivation.

The ritual beauty daily invites to the game and to change, to surprise
We invite you to discover your own beauty every day, making you experience unique moments in your beauty ritual. Because it is in front of the mirror when we see the reflection of our true beauty. We hope to inspire you to make you feel unique.

In Beautyland, Alice art thou
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