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The environmental factors and the way in which we face conflicts and emotions arising from them have a direct impact on the development of a depression. However, we must not forget the internal biochemical. It is possible that the style of life and a poor diet is making it impossible for our body to handle some essential substances for the proper functioning of the brain and the nervous system. It may be that the lack or excess of certain substances may be blocking the neurotransmitters function properly.

In this report we deal with both aspects: the environmental factor and the internal factor. We propose a comprehensive treatment and completely natural for the depression.

Supplements for depression

The Orthomolecular Therapy or Nutrition Cellular Active uses micronutrients naturally present in the food that we take but in higher doses to restore the balance of our internal chemistry.

According to Prof. Philip Hernandez, our Spanish representative of the new current Active Cell Nutrition, some of the nutrients that are directly involved in the proper functioning of brain chemistry are some of the vitamins of the B group (B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, inositol), Vitamin C, Magnesium, tryptophan, and Omega-3. Since it hit the dosage and synergy of these elements is a complex issue, it should be put in the hands of professionals who will study neustras particularities or select a specific supplement for depression proposed by a laboratory that we like and that combine any or all of these elements. You can also see what are the supplements more effective for depression.

Felipe Hernández insists on the importance of taking protein in the morning instead of coffee with milk and pastries (for example, a pancake of rice with hummus or lupin).

If you are taking chemical drugs or other drugs to consult with a specialist

Diet for depression

Although, unfortunately, conventional medicine does not usually have it in mind, foods are neither more nor less than the substances that then interact in our bodies. Have an effect on our chemistry as chemical as any drug. The diet is essential in the development of any pathology!

Of course, depression is not an exception, since what we eat is involved in the functioning of the brain and the way in which we handle emotions (which is also related to our internal chemistry). Therefore, it is important to adopt a few habits of food free of toxic substances, additives, pesticides, gmos and other compliments of our industrialized society. Our advice is that, first, do a debug deep in the body, and then you adopt a healthy and balanced diet that will provide all the nutrients you need.

Herbal medicine for depression

Within the range of medicinal plants indicated in case of depression, we will propose one in particular: the st. john’s wort. The wort is the most studied clinical and scientific leads to their backs. These studies confirm their beneficial effects in depression, comparable to the synthetic drugs but with many less side effects.

We offer these data of interest on the st. john’s wort:

You can generate allergy problems or insomnia as side effects
It is contraindicated in case of alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or pregnancy.
If you take it you should consult with a specialist
In addition to being indicated for depression, but also for: improving the quality of sleep, boost the immune system, help the digestive system, in diseases of the respiratory system and, in external applications, such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Natural therapies for depression

Within the natural therapies, there are some that are especially intended to regulate the mood. Here are some suggestions:

Bach flowers
Foot reflexology
Psychotherapy with NLP, Gestalt or Biodescodificación
External factors of depression

Of course, there are many factors involved when developing a depression and, in fact, build on each other. For example, the habits of a life unhealthy affect our biochemistry, which, in turn, affect the way in which we manage emotions, and vice versa.

That is why it is very, very important that we do not take lightly some tips that, precisely by seeming to be a no-brainer, we have to take into account with much ease, being as they are essential.

Physical exercise

Exercise oxygenates the body, promotes discipline and commitment and helps us to release stress and tension. You can not imagine to what extent it can be therapeutic to do a sport that we like, especially if we participate with other people and expand social relations. The options are many, find the one you like best and don’t give up at the first (seek until you find). See our article how to exercise smart.

Healthy Life

With healthy life, we mean, not only is it important to desaterrar the power plant, but all kinds of habits and toxic substances that surround us. For example, discover the benefits of natural cosmetics, produces your own natural cleaning products, please contact with the Vitamin N (Nature) with as much regularity as you can… in short: surround yourself with natural substances because they have a power infinitely more powerful than they might seem at first glance.


Meditation is becoming a discipline increasingly practiced by westerners as a method for lowering the level of stress and noise in the head. Check out the many benefits of meditation.


We insist a lot on this word in numerous features, but we are firmly convinced that love is the medicine, the more miraculous that it exists. To begin to inspire you in what it means to a life full of love, here are some suggestions: the keys to happiness, how to live lovingly, how the mind creates happiness and suffering learn to choose people.

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