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The cosmetic natural and bio is has become for so many of us in products primary to the care of our skin. If we care about our food, by having healthy habits and exercise during pregnancy, it is also crucial that we look after our skin, hair, nails… There is a whole world of possibilities, as the life echo is each time more present in our day-to-day. In their great majority to be products that are spared or replaced by natural ingredients the silicones, sulfates, glycols, oils, and parabens among others that are harmful.

In addition to being respectful with our body, what are also with the environment. Today there are so many choices of natural products as firms conventional, so you can take advantage of your stage of pregnancy and postpartum to make them your greatest allies.

We recommend

The cosmetic natural and bio contain natural ingredients, 95% , and 10% from organic farming. As a general rule have a better acceptance for all skin types and are very beneficial especially for the sensitive. During pregnancy our hormones are revolutionizing, and we need to pay greater attention to the care of our skin as a general rule becomes more sensitive than normal.

Equally, we must be careful with the manicures and pedicures. The products that we use should be completely natural because it is through the nails of the baby can absorb the components of the products, as well as those that we apply in the hair. Therefore, in addition to cosmetics and makeup, nail Polish and shampoos, masks, oils and conditioners should always be natural and not wear any ingredient that may be harmful neither for us nor for the baby.

Reasons for the bet for natural cosmetics

  • Do not affect the health of the skin and do not produce any kind of allergy
  • Rich in minerals, trace elements and nutrients
  • Contain a natural fragrance
  • Retain their own color
  • Committed to the care of the environment and are not tested on animals

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