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Correct brows, outline eyes, fill in lips and model the face in a permanent way is a way to simplify the usual make up thanks to micropigmentation or tattoo cosmetic.

It is a branch of the cosmetology and tattooing conventional through needles and tubes by applying pigments on the first layer of the skin.

However, the technique is not only decorative, it also serves to hide small lesions on the skin such as scars, burns, vitiligo, redraw the nipple and areola due to breast surgery after cancer or to correct problems of alopecia.

Year and a half ago that Valerie’s War exercised by this office, which offers three types of tattoo: the cosmetic, which uses inks and tubes through a conventional machine; micropigmentation, which is a little less invasive and semi-permanent using a dermógrafo (machine smoother).

And, finally, the «microblading», which consists in the application of hair in the hair to give a natural look to the eyebrows, beard or hair.

«They are small cuts that are made to simulate hairs and tap tabs, which is semi-permanent. This means that within a year or months it can fade the work to change the trend, according to the fashions that emerge», explained War in an interview with Notimex.

Unlike tattoo conventional, to start any cosmetic procedure should be to numb the area to work by using a topical anesthetic and is no longer with injections.

«Before you open skin must be numbed locally, and once open you place the liquid anesthetic for the procedure to be as less annoying as possible,» said War, better known in the area of the tattoo as Worth War.

For the recovery time is fast due to the face is always exposed, it is recommended that the client not be exposed to the jet of hot water, as well as maintain moisturized the tattoo through a series of ointments.

«The inflammation will be of two days, approximately, and within 15 days, the pigment heals completely in any facial area,» explained the expert, who also specializes in pigmentation of nipples and areolas for those who, due to cancer, lost one or both breasts.

«The story that has that scar is the one that makes you be good or be bad. Hence, as a tattoo, I contribute a little to the psychology for that person to cope better the case which he lived.

You must analyze your skin tone and with the support of the dermógrafo is reconstructed from a series of blurs. So you get a radical change in the face of such bitter drink», he stressed.

In the case of the alopecia, it is War, explained that losing hair is derived from an excess of fat on the skull of the person and the pore cap.

«Although it is rapen the head there will be areas that look totally smooth and shiny, while others will be greenish as when you shave. The important thing is that you can rebuild and match the spaces that are completely smooth with those that still have the hair follicle,» he said.

The time that is Worth a War it takes to fill a traditional way eyebrows compact is about an hour and a half, but when it comes to «microblading» the working time increases to two hours because of the precise form that must be given.

«The hygiene that we have is absolute, especially because it is also a guarantee for us, and we must safeguard our health. All of our products (needles, tubes) are disposable and the use of gloves, face cloths and disinfectants is essential.

«Periodically we have to go to us to practice blood tests and be as careful as possible to not have fluid contact to the client and vice versa», underlined in the chat from the studio Divine Pain Tattoo Piercing in this city.

In the tattoo cosmetic never stop learning, the artist or the micropigmentadora should always be at the forefront because the techniques evolve with the passage of years.

«The facial makeup, permanent it is the first impression people will have about you, so don’t take it lightly, there are many responsibilities and you must prepare well, as well as to practice before daring to take a skin», he said.

«Not here you can tell the client which means you know and you’ll see how it goes your tattoo is cosmetic, the reality is that you have the requirement to make it perfect,» she said.

In the case of the eyebrows, the current trend is to have it populated in the style of british model Cara Delevingne. However, there are also those who ask for it very thin. What is certain is that as micropigmentadora it should offer proposals to the client according to what go with the features of his face.

In accordance with Vale War, all the makeup can be simulated. Today it is possible, paint the eyelids, ruborizar someone who has pale skin and do «contouring», which consists in fine-tuning the factions.

«Even you can do micropigmentation within the mucosa of the eye, right where it goes in the liner. For this technique you will should be very prepared because this is a work of high risk. Any printing causes the client to be able to lose the view,» he warned.

«As a child in primary school, as there is to make flat and to practice a lot. What we do in synthetic leather, on the which you can use in your instruments. In the case of ‘microblading’, we must follow a pattern, otherwise it will deform totally the face of the person. The practice is found to achieve good pulse and that the hand does not tremble at the time of the action,» he concluded.

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