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Today I leave you a very simple recipe to make a facial moisturizer, a handmade, without toxic and completely natural products, difficult? For nothing, easier than you think.

The ingredients for this formula I bought them at Cosmetica natural homemade shop, it is an online store, which from here I recommend, with very good prices, very good service and the most important very good quality products. All are natural and certified, you can find several versions of the product, refined, unrefined, natural, bio ….. but it is a safe bet.

Let’s start then.

A basic moisturizer consists of three parts

-Aqueous part (distilled water, hydrolate)
-Part composed of fats (oils, shortenings ..)
-An emulsifier so that these two parts come together and there is one up and one down.
Once the mixture is added, you can add essential oils and vegetables to boost the formula and enrich it with these. You can also add, collagen, vitamin E, and a long etcetera.

But let’s go slowly, today a basic nutritious recipe for dry skin.
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70 gr. distilled water

15gr. Extra virgin olive oil first cold pressure

10gr. Shea butter

5 gr. Emulsifier (wax lanette)

(With these four ingredients you would already have your basic cream. To cover the needs of dry skin we will add the following)

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

5 drops essential oil of incense

1 drop natural preservative geogard 221

(If you do not put preservative, the cream will last a month or so, it all depends on how you handle it, if it is in the refrigerator … with a preservative of four to six months)


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Tools we need, a digital scale, to weigh the ingredients (this is from lidl)

Mini mixer to mix the ingredients (es de homemade natural cosmetics shop)


2016-07-22 14.23.26

A container for the cream. I used a recycled glass.

A wooden stick of Chinese food, to remove.


Alcohol, no matter what the graduation, to disinfect in spray.

A hook and a glass bowl, for the bath Maria.

Do they look like a lot of things? Haha, you’ll see how when you do it does not look like so much, it’s like a kitchen recipe, when you get the truquito it’s very easy.

Elaboration.First we disinfect all the utensils, once clean, with the alcohol sprayer. For example, the container of the cream, I open it, give it two beats of alcohol and I leave it upside down on a kitchen paper to evaporate the alcohol. If I have something left, I take it out with a piece of kitchen paper.
We weigh the ingredients on the scale, olive oil, shea butter, lanette wax and water.
We put the olive oil + shea butter + lanette wax in a glass bowl. Over very low heat and stir with the wooden stick until they melt together and become liquid. If it is done at high temperatures and strong power, the ingredients lose properties. Once liquid remove from the fire.cera derritiendose

In another glass bowl, pour the water and put it in the water bath to cool it. Once it is tempered, add the melted fat, bone to the bowl of water and pour the liquid content resulting from melting, karite, olive And lanette.
And mix with the mini mixer. Until you get a cream texture.
The base cream is already there!
As we will fill it with properties suitable for dry skin, we add five drops of ylang ylang essential oil, which also balances and relaxes. And five drops of great incense essential oil for dry and damp skins.
If we want to use preservative, we throw one or two droplets at most, before adding essential oils.
Well you see, it seems liosillo but when you do it is very easy and fun and the best, you know what you are throwing in the face, because the ingredients have chosen you.

If you have oily skin:

70 gr. distilled water

15 gr. Jojoba oil

10 gr. Cocoa butter

5 gr. Wax lanette

10 drops lavender essential oil

1gota preservative

If you have sensitive skin:

70gr. distilled water

15gr. sweet almond oil

10 gr. Cocoa butter

5gr. Olivem 1000

10 drops chamomile essential oil

1 preservative drop

If you have mixed skin

Just like the greasy skin recipe but replaces jojoba oil with olive oil.

I hope you cheer up and make your magical potinguillos!

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