Made new edition of the Organic Market in Santiago in march – BioBioChile

Made new edition of the Organic Market in Santiago in march - BioBioChile 1National

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Organic market of Santiago



Made new edition of the Organic Market in Santiago in march - BioBioChile 3

From the 28 and the 31 of march there will be a new version of the Organic Market of Santiago in the Paseo Bulnes, from 11:00 until 21:00 hours

The initiative -which has free admission- is looking to create a space of awareness of food and agro-ecological and fair-trade, idea driven by the NGO GAIA.

The objective of this activity is to create a meeting space between producers and consumers conscious of organic and agro-ecological, where the neighbors and the closest community to access healthy products, free of chemicals, made by enterprising families of peasants, and not to travel long distances for marketing.

In this way, the market brings together a diverse offer that includes organic fruits and vegetables and agro-ecological clothing and jewellery manufactured and recycled; organic chocolates with pure cocoa ecuadorian, natural cosmetics, toy wood, chutneys and reductions gourmet home-made.

Also, it will offer organic jams, tea and infusions, cristaloterapia, loofahs, handmade jewelry in precious stones, among other items.

“The big food producers not only offer products harmful to our health but also control and regulate the price at their whim. Our initiative also seeks to open up spaces of fair trade in the city,” explained Paula Muñoz, member of GAIA and a spokesperson for the producing families.

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