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Kariderm is a quebec company that manufactures natural cosmetic products. His lips balm contains 98 % of ingredients of organic origin. It is made with shea butter organic, certified fair trade and is imported directly from Burkina Faso, as well as oils, and vegetable waxes.

  • Product tested: the lip balm with extract of Bourbon vanilla
  • We liked: The balm has a body very fat, nice application and stays long on the lips. The slight scent of vanilla is nice. The impression of hydration is immediate.
  • We liked least: Each application uses a good amount of balm, so the stick is consumed quickly.
  • Price paid: 4,49$ (4.5 g)

Green Beaver

The household products and personal the family business, ontario, Green Beaver want to be health and eco-friendly. The lip balms and moisturizers are made from organic beeswax, local, and other ingredients, all natural.

  • Product tested: the lip balm orange fruity
  • We liked: The smell of orange, very present, is nice. Its price, almost as low as that of a lip balm commercial, in fact a natural solution accessible and indispensable.
  • We liked least: The body left on the lips is quite thin; it has a certain sense of protection, but not repair.
  • Price: 3,99$ (4.5 g)

Moved To Dundee

Moved to Dundee, is a quebec company located in Saint-Eustache, which specializes in the sale of cosmetic products based on emu oil. All of the components and the fragrances of the products are of natural origin 100 %.

  • Product tested: the lip balm with emu oil
  • We liked: The texture is oily and it is easy to apply. As soon as the first layer, one has the impression of healing of the lips. The product remains a long time in place.
  • We liked least: The smell of the balm is little inviting. It is very gross. The format is a bit generous for the price.
  • Price: 7,99$ (3.3 g)

Melia (Honey Anicetus)

The products Melia are manufactured by the quebec company Honey of Anicetus, and they are 100% natural. The lip balm is made from beeswax and precious oils.

  • Product tested: the lip balm protector sweet and silky»
  • We liked: The product is of great quality. Its texture is thick enough and stays long on the lips. In addition to the protective effect, we feel actually a restorative effect.
  • We liked least: The balm doesn’t smell very enticing, and does not provide a gloss on the lips.
  • Price: 4,99$ (6 g)


Weleda is a swiss company that has existed for 96 years, and which manufactures natural cosmetics. It has the label Natrue, which certifies the composition of natural origin 100% of all its products.

  • Product tested: the «protective balm, rich in natural waxes Everon»
  • We liked: We like the reputation of the company and ensuring that all of its production is natural. The quality of the product is undeniable.
  • We liked least: The fragrance of the balm is very feminine, but a little too strong to our taste. We also found the texture too matt and thick on the lips; we would have preferred a body more oily.
  • Price: 8,99$ (4.8 g)

Burt’s Bee

Burt s Bee is an american company that has made its international breakthrough in 1999. She also offers body products made from beeswax. The lip balms are 100% natural, made with oils of coconut and sunflower, as well as a fragrance oil of peppermint.

  • Product tested: the lip balm in a tube (they are also in small pots)
  • We liked: the keeping of The product on the lips is good and lasts a long time. The texture is easy to apply and only a small amount is enough.
  • We liked least: The fragrance of mint is a little intense.
  • Price paid: 5,49$ (4,25 g)

Eco Lips

This american company only manufactures lip balms. They are 100% natural and mostly organic, certified USDA. Some are made from beeswax, others are véganes, with a base of candelilla wax. Of coconut organic oils and exotic, are also used.

  • Product tested: the balm One World, Relax with lavender and lemon
  • We liked: The fragrance is soft and natural. The format is generous.
  • We liked least: The tube is wide, then the application creates inevitably be a spill around the lips. The product is thin when applied, so its effect lasts a little longer.
  • Price paid: 6,79$ (7 g)


The lip balms, as well as all the products of the quebec-based company Bioéternel, are 100% natural, made from medicinal plants, essential oils and organic ingredients from local producers.

  • Product tested: the lip balm First kiss
  • We liked: We have a blind trust in this company and the quality of its products. No ingredient in the list does not leave us in doubt. We also like the slight sheen left on the lips after applying the balm.
  • We liked least: The balm does not stay long on the lips. We feel soon the need to apply again. Also, the stick melts easily in the heat.
  • Price: 5,99$ (5 g)


The company Druid has existed since 1979. It manufactures personal care véganes and natural to 100 %, and 67 % of the ingredients of the lip balms are from organic farming. Found including cocoa, shea butter and jojoba oil.

  • Product tested: the lip balm Citrus
  • We liked: The fragrance is very mild citrus is nice.
  • We liked least: Its constitution is thin, so it doesn’t have a very good hold on the lip. We feel the need to re-apply very quickly.
  • Price paid: 4,49$ (5 g)

Bella Vita

All the body products offered by Bella Vita are not necessarily made in Quebec, but the lip balm is 100% natural, is. It consists of ingredients such as propolis, emu oil, comfrey, oils of castor and avocado, etc

  • Product tested: the lip balm Appointment
  • We liked: The balm has a good record, it remains a long time in place. Also, the red lipstick fit easily on that, which is not the case of all the balms.
  • We liked least: It is a product that is bland and unexciting. The image is very attractive, the fragrance is not attractive, the texture is not unique either. Even if the balm is effective, we would not be scope to repeat the purchase.
  • Price: 6,99$ (4,25 g)


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