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Created in 2003 with Castres, the laboratory dermo-cosmetics for animals LDCA completes the construction of a beautiful building on the Causse. A company that remains a leader in the practices and veterinary practices that distribute and use its products.

Founded in 2003 in Castres by a veterinarian and specialists in dermo-cosmetics human, the laboratory LDCA (laboratory dermo-cosmetics animal) quickly imposed on a market that was virtually non-existent up to this point : the products of care and hygiene for pets, dogs, cats, horses and small mammals mainly. For Michel Bichard-Bréaud, the director of this company has become the leader in France and present in 45 countries in the World : «From the beginning, we relied on a philosophy that is based on three points. Assets of our products are 100% natural, proven effectiveness by clinical studies, and ease of use to ensure that the product is properly used.»

Today, the range is widely expanded around its flagship product «Spot-on» : foams, spray, creams, soaps. etc and research laboratory, which will move into its new building on the Causse is able to put on the market 2 or 3 new products per year which are manufactured by sub-contractors that Michel Bichard-Bréaud prefer to appoint partners : These are companies of the region very important that also produce cosmetics for humans. All adhere to «good manufacturing practices» and are of industrial size,» adds the director, who is based from the start on a marketing strategy that is well-sharpened.

The veterinarians at the centre of the process

The only channel of distribution of products LDCA stamped with the trademark Dermoscent is located in the veterinary clinics where the practitioners use their own treatments and selling to individuals : «As has often been said Pierre Fabre, it is the man of the Art that must be at the heart of the product. These are the veterinarians in the best position to make the choice of the right product and therefore also for the sell. In creating our range of products dermo-cosmetics, we also had the aim of offering the opportunity to significantly reduce the use of medications to treat particular skin problems for the pet. Thus, we may sometimes restrict the use of antibiotics and other substances. Our cosmetics can also accompany an in-depth treatment or prevention of certain diseases.»

After several years spent in the nursery and then as a tenant in space «initiatives» of the community of city centre Castres-Mazamet, LDCA therefore built its own building on the Causse he held from the month of July. Here, a dozen jobs are to be accommodated, and the company is owned by three partners hope to develop its sales, which today stands at 2.5 million€. For the well-being of our fellow mammals with four legs.

A beautiful pebble 650 m2

Located between the buildings of Thales and Cap-Laser, the laboratory LDCA has made a bet architectural courageous : a break with the forms straight to prefer the rounded. Thus, it is the architect Benoit Herment of Mazamet which has designed a building of 650 m2 in the form of a roller with qualities «eco-friendly» are undeniable. The overall structure of the building is of wood (douglas of the black Mountain) fully covered with zinc. It is the company mazamétaine Novabois who has completed the framework. The other trades are also very local.

The building has three main functional parts : the workshop and the warehouse, the laboratory and finally the administrative offices. The company will also be «autonomous» from an electrical point of view, since the photovoltaic panels will be installed outside, next to airport.

The company LDCA does not plan to manufacture its own products : «These are highly specialised industries and are located in the region who are our partners who are responsible for this. Each his profession. We do not have the competence to become manufacturers.» explains the director.

The work should be completed in the month of July and LDCA has planned to enter within its walls in the process.


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