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Know the benefits of the lipoquimia for hair health - Noticias24 1

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(Caracas, march 20./News 24) – The Lipoquimia is the brand name and overall concept, which brings together the active agents and chemical cosmetics, as functional raw materials, that are acquired by large corporations for the development of products.

One of its major branches business, is the marketing of amino acids for the cosmetic industry, perfumery, pharmaceutical, institutional and industrial.

For its part, the amino acids are organic molecules with multifunctional which is considered the basic raw material of life, and its functions in the cosmetics industry, highlighted the be essential constituents of proteins.

Biochemistry has shown that the amino acids are found in polymerized form, forming structures such as collagen and elastin. Therefore, in the cosmetic hair contemporary, amino acids function as conditioning agents, moisturizing and neutralizing, to the care of the hair.

The aesthetics and health of the hair, is a big market for large corporations at the global level, the hair is very important, to be an expression of our personality. Its nature, properties, and treatments, have been the subject of extensive studies and scientific research.

In the hair there are three components dimensional of the fibre hair: the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. The natural fiber, it is considered healthy when their appearance is bright, with plenty of body and volume, that is to say when is your appearance on the cuticle or “skin hair” is soft and flexible.

The lipoquimia has led to the commercialization of the amino acids, the chemical cosmetics and the protein of high performance, in the market of developing products for the care, health and beauty of hair. Since Chloride centrimonio, panthenol, waxes cilicona, vitamin F, special mixtures of proteins, conditioners, vitamins and fatty acids such as lanolin, collagen and elastin, which activate the cellular metabolism.

On the other hand, there are presentations of compounds lipoquímicos as: Mackpro Plus Silk-C (Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hidrolyzed Silk Protein); gives intense shine to the hair, providing conditioning and strengthening optimal…some brands identified as “silk protein”.

Mackpro Rice-C (Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hidrolyzed Rice Protein), rice; it allows you to untangle the hair Mackpro Plus Wheat-C (Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hidrolyzed Wheat Protein) wheat; repairs the hair, indicated for the treatment of perming, permanent, and horse mistreated. Mackpro Am C (Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hidrolyzed Soy Protein) soy; deepens the action to smooth dry hair and adds shine.

Nature offers us solutions for many of us, are unknown in its technical composition, but we know how to identify their properties, in the results.

Written by: Julio C. Alcubilla B./Noticias24


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