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Nowadays, there are several types of injections which contribute greatly to give you a second youth. Sometimes, we do not know what to choose between injections volumisantes and botox cosmetic injections. The following text will give you more details on the differences between these two kinds of injections so that you can choose the appropriate treatment.

  • The duration of treatment

Of all the technologies of anti-aging without surgery, injections volumisantes provide a duration of action of 4 to 6 months. By contrast, the effects of botox cosmetic appear within a few days, and the period of action is about 6 months. Some professionals can help you to reduce the signs of aging quickly with botox cosmetic injections.

  • That contain both of these types of injections ?

The injections volumisantes are usually used in aesthetic medicine to fill wrinkles of expression static. If you want to fix the loss of volume experienced over time, these types of injections are excellent. They are composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural derivative of sugar already present in the body. The injection of botox cosmetic contains a natural protein purified that relaxes the muscles responsible for the wrinkles to reduce the appearance.

  • Adverse effects

Botox cosmetic can sometimes give some redness and pain at the point of injection, the few bruises, and migraines. These small inconveniences will disappear usually in a few hours, or even at the end of a few days. The injections volumisantes, in turn, may give headache and edema. In the latter case, your doctor may inject hyaluronidase which will erase the effects of the previous injection in 4 hours.

  • Combat the UV rays or an effect of natural rejuvenation ?

In the case of skin aging, volumizing hyaluronic acid synthesized can intervene, especially if you are too exposed to pollutants and UV rays. By contrast, botox cosmetic is a non-surgical treatment safe, often combined with injections offer a rejuvenating effect of the most natural.

  • How to do the injection ?

The botox cosmetic injections with very small doses are extremely safe when administered by skilled and experienced professionals under the supervision of a physician. The injections volumisantes can be practiced at home. However, you need to see a doctor, so that it gives you the precise information to be successful on the injection only.

The discomfort is minimal for the two types of injections. Usually, patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment, which minimizes the sensations of discomfort. Practice to give a glow to the face quickly AND permanently !


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