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It is the great mode of the «home-made» in all areas : sewing, decorating, diy, but also cosmetics and household products. But be careful not to do anything, even with the natural products.

To make its cosmetics and household products is the same : it is the great trend of the moment. A simple vegetable oil to remove makeup, a bit of coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch to make a deodorant, it’s quick, it’s cheap and it works well. But be careful, natural products are not harmless. Marion Hedgehog, creator of the brand of natural cosmetics Marisson to Gevrey Chambertin and Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the union of pharmacists of Burgundy deconstruct some preconceived ideas.

Make cosmetics yourself it is more economical

TRUE : Less than two euros for the manufacture of a deodorant, a little oil to remove makeup, » as there are a lot of active principles in natural products , we need just a few ingredients, and it is much less « explains Marion Hedgehog. Not to mention that certain products, such as baking soda can be used to several things : deodorant, toothpaste, cleaning the floor or the work plan . But there are still limits : » you can’t manufacture that product database, some process invented by the industry, such as water, micellar, are not feasible at home «, explains Pierre-Olivier Variot, president of the syndicate of pharmacists of Burgundy.

The natural cosmetics, it is less effective

FALSE : It is necessary to accept change a little habits, the products sometimes have funny color, the smell is not always as strong or as pleasant as synthetic products, but the deodorant made house is effective, and the hair is clean with the shampoo natural. Remains to find ingredients that best match your type of skin or hair : » the first experiences are not always successful, recognizes Marion Hedgehog, but he must persevere, and we can really have an impact effective in the long term and for the whole family .»

The natural cosmetics, it is not dangerous

FALSE : it cannot be improvised apprentice-chemist when you make cosmetics yourself. Ingredients such as essential oils are highly concentrated in active principles. » It is necessary to be well informed, either in reference books or from persons who are competent «, says Marion Hedgehog. » You can find anything on the internet, so it is necessary to be able to say that such and such a recipe is not going to go. And then it is necessary to be sure of the basic products that you use, olive oil first prize in a supermarket will not have the same qualities as organic olive oil, cold-pressed » adds Pierre-Olivier Variot. Attention also to the conservation : » how you will know how long the product can be kept before it is a nest of microbes ? The industrial, it, he did the test « explains the pharmacist.

Listen to the safety advice of Pierre Olivier Variot, president of the syndicate of pharmacists

https://www.francebleu.fr/player/export/reecouter/extrait?content=dfa31964-1f56-4f81-806e-fc2f6bcdef01″ value=»» />

Pierre Olivier Variot, president of the syndicate of pharmacists of Burgundy



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