I have tested for you the electro-cosmetics – It

Not taking care of my skin is inadmissible. But, since a few weeks ago, she gave me a hard time no matter what I was doing to it. Dull complexion and tired, dark circles, (multiple) imperfections… I had the total. And then I was invited to test the electro-cosmetics. The electro-cosmé’what ? «A technique of care based on the synergy between the assets contained in the formulas, the expert movements of the beautician and the cell stimulation by microcurrent sent by the machine «, explains to me the press kit of Biogénie, this brand known for its natural products.


Once made the appointment, and sitting comfortably on the massage table, my first question is inevitable : «does it hurt ? «The answer enigmatic of the practitioner :» No, but I won’t say more. «

Huh ?!

Before you begin, it leaves me the choice to keep or not my eye makeup. Because, one of the other special features of this treatment is its side express. It is a face massage flexible. In other words, if you need a boost of immediate of the skin before an evening event, 20 minutes (for 25 € only) are enough to make you a skin fresh and plump. It is then possible to extend the length by adding options specific treatments. So, I have chosen the option supersonic.

Then begins the care of the most common ways (make-up removal, cleansing, application of care) until the instructor indicates to me that the time has come to use these famous electrodes coated with a small sponge orange and soaked with products tailored to my needs. Then ? Nothing, zero, nada ! Not even evil ! Just a slight tickling vibrations and the level of the teeth when the small machines run near my mouth. Their goal : to eliminate in depth dead skin cells, impurities and other toxins from comfortably in the pores of my skin. An iPad connected to the electrodes emits a sound, as to him, to indicate when it should stop and move on to the next step. From my side, I feel that the practitioner insists on some places, such as under-eye circles. I leave that to you.

I really started to relax when he is (already) time to look at the result. So that I can more easily see the changes – and not to believe that my skin had always been like this, not beast the wasp – only half of my face has been » treated «. Verdict : I can’t believe my eyes. Part of it is beautiful and much smoother, plumper and my ring has (really) gone. As for the sponges, stupor, they had lost their superb and brought more to the orange-grayish. Yet this is not the fault of cleaning my face every day and with attention, but the toxins and pollution are there. Neither one, nor two, I extension and wait for the facade cleaning is a total out of the question that I so by mid-lofted, mid tired.

Conquered, I returned to the office without makeup, without powder or blush. I am, so to speak, well in my sneakers. The notice (without detour) of my colleagues ? Crazy !

The catch to this treatment is not yet available in Paris, but we pray that it happens. In the meantime, go to Angoulême at the institute Biogénie and everywhere in France in the partner institutes.


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