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The main property of hyaluronic acid is its ability to attract and retain water at a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its weight. But as we age, the presence of this substance in the body decreases, a process that becomes especially evident in the skin, with the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and loss of firmness.

It was discovered in 1934, by the pharmacist Karl Meyer and John Palmer, who successfully isolated the previously unknown substance from the vitreous body of the eyes of the cows, and they called hyaluronic acid.

However, it was not until 1942 that it began to be marketed, thanks to the techniques of extraction perfected by the Hungarian scientist Endre Balazs, who used as a natural source the ridges of the cocks, which today are the basic element for its production, although it is also obtained from the shark fins, the joints of the cow, the umbilical cord, and waste from the processed fish.

Balazs patented the first use of hyaluronic acid, a substitute for egg white in bakery products, but not only that, but who concentrated their research work on the multiple possibilities offered by this biopolymer.

Now, the revolution it has caused in the world of cosmetics began in the decade of the 90, because over the years, and in any of his presentations, namely: injections, capsules, powder, cream and gel, this product has proven its ability to correct the signs of skin aging from its enormous power of hydration.

Innovative medicine

Currently this product is not only used as a supplement in anti-aging, but in addition, it applies to the medical level, for example, as a healing in wounds and ulcers, although it has also demonstrated its ability to replace the synovial fluid lost during the artroscopias.

It is also an excellent filler material in surgery and cosmetic dentistry, especially in implant cases. It works as a nutritional supplement for joints and connective tissues and connective, and helps to eliminate free radicals, as well as the harmful by-products related to the onset of inflammation and cancer.

It has proven its utility in the treatment of cystitis and vaginal atrophy, a common problem and women during menopause. And in addition, recent studies conducted in Canada with high performance athletes, have confirmed that hyaluronic acid is able to accelerate the recovery after an ankle sprain.

The ally of the beauty

Hyaluronic acid is the second substance most sought after in the market after the botox, because he is considered the source of a skin soft, smooth, and young beyond age. His power, as the moisturizer allows the cells to maintain their turgor and elasticity, as well as being an excellent ally in the process of cell renewal.

As much injected as in topical application, this product takes effect almost immediately when you fill out small wrinkles and expression lines. It is applied with success, particularly in the outline and commissure of the lips, the grooves, and around the eye to counteract the dreaded “crow’s feet”.

But not only that, but also as filler, allows you to refine the contour of the lips and the cheekbones, and even reduce scars such as stretch marks and acne leaves severe.

This biopolymer can also be consumed orally. These tablets are specially designed to help our body generate hyaluronic acid naturally, making skin all over the body to maintain hydrated and supple. Its effects den the body are cumulative and become more evident after between six months and a year of treatment.


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