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TUTORIAL BEAUTY – toxic chemicals are potentially present in the shampoo. To avoid them, the aroma practitioner Julien Kaibeck gives us a natural alternative using rhassoul, a clay to the properties cleansing.

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Just by reading the label of your shampoo and conditioner, you might have buttons. It happens for example to find methylisothiazolinone (preservative irritant often abbreviated as «MIT» and became the bane of dermatologists), sodium lauryl sulphate or amonium lauryl sulfate (agents lavants surfactants that can cause irritation) or parabens (preservatives that are suspected of being endocrine disrupters).

To help you avoid these substances that are controversial, the association of consumers UFC-que choisir details on its website the composition of more than 400 cosmetic products with general public. What to do a first sort, without even changing his gestures as usual.

For those who are willing to go further, it is also possible to make your own preparations. The aroma practitioner Julien Kaibeck, author of the book Adopt the Slow Cosmetics (éditions Leduc.s) and the blog filled with beauty tips in a natural Lessentieldejulien.comgives to LCI a recipe alternative as simple as it is devoid of toxic products.

Only one ingredient : rhassoul

To wash your hair without toxic chemicals, it is necessary to return to essential very little transformed as the rhassoul (or ghassoul). This natural clay originating in the Maghreb lies in the form of powder in the organic shop. Expect around 10 euros for 300 grams.

The application : in the form of paste

Wet the rhassoul powder to get a texture close to that of a pancake batter liquid. Add water gradually to wet hair in advance and rub in like a shampoo classic. Rinse (the rhassoul can be easily).

The efficiency due to the presence of saponin

The rhassoul is a clay that contains natural saponins. Substance properties cleansing, the saponin has the advantage of giving back shine and strength to hair.

And the detangling ? Thanks to the aloe vera

The step of combing is obviously not as easy as with the shampoo classic because of the lack of silicones that soften and make hair shiny. But there is an alternative : take in the hollow of the hand a small amount of aloe vera gel of good quality (certified by Ecocert or Cosmebio, or even the mention of Slow cosmetic for example). Count around 18 euros 250 ml. Rub it into your palms and griffez your hair rinsed and still wet. Use your fingers to detangle and comb their hair before drying with a towel or hairdryer set to cold. You will find the flexibility provided by the after-shampoo without a drop of silicone.


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