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Health: This incredible walnut is renowned for being a powerful natural antioxidant as they are rich in nutrients such as the trace element Selenium and the fatty acids, in addition to being the secret to prevent aging premature.

Health: Nut of eternal youth

Health: This well-known dry fruit is gaining due to its properties are surprised to all over the world for its antioxidant properties, rich in substances such as selenium and fatty acids that prevent the formation of free radicals.

Health: Comes from trees located in the amazon which can reach up to 50 meters of height and live more than a thousand years, and studies have revealed that consuming from more than 500 years ago by aboriginal people of these lands, where it is known as “the nut of the eternal youth”.

Health: Known to reconstruct and hydrate cells and tissues of the skin, battered by the years

Health: This dry fruit also receives other names: Chestnut Amazon, apple the Amazon, Brazil Nut tree, brazil Nut, brazil nut, brasilnut, Yuvia, Sapucaia, etc., trees of Brazil nuts can be found in Bolivia, Brazil, Peru and Colombia, primarily.

Brazil nuts, like most nuts, can be eaten raw or toasted, and thanks to its rich taste (remember a little of the coconut) is usually very much appreciated to make cookies and cakes.

Health: Properties for the beauty of the skin

Health: Brazil nuts are a power food and nutritious (rich in proteins and healthy fatty acids) ideal for athletes and people who need an extra contribution of energy.

Health: Good antioxidant effect thanks to its contribution of Selenium.

Health: The oil of Brazil nuts is highly appreciated in cosmetics because it is incredibly moisturizing.

Health: The large pharmacies and cosmetics companies in the world, are exploiting the great virtues of the Brazil nut for its incredible compounds to rebuild cells and tissues of skin damaged by the passing of the years.

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