Everything you need to know to create its cosmetics to oneself- IT Belgium (press Release)

You want to get into the manufacture of cosmetics home made but you don’t know how you do it, or where to begin ? Check out the advice of a true fan of natural cosmetics.

Victoria Nossent is a follower of the » Slow Cosmétique «, a concept became a trend in terms of beauty. Taking conscience of its total consumption after having watched the film «Tomorrow» Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, the young wife of 23 years has proven the need, also, to return to the essential things. Concerned with the environment, Victoria decided, therefore, to consume a more reasonable and environmentally friendly. If organic and 100% natural have the odds in the shops, few consumers today are willing to ban beauty products, traditional from their bathroom. Victoria, has launched the challenge to achieve its cosmetics it. A challenge that turned into a true passion. His commitment to the environment began in his bathroom. In this place of well-being, student in advertising was made aware of the number of products she was using without ever having taken the trouble to read the labels. «It is crazy what marketing can sell us. The brands offer care and miracles of the packaging of luxury that make us dream, but these products often end up at the bottom of our closets. «

The industrial producers drown the essential elements of cosmetic in a sea of petrochemical and synthetic formulae. The components they use such as dyes, silicone or parabens affect health and damage the planet. A database online containing cosmetics are potentially dangerous and their components has recently been erected by the federal Union of French consumers. The Association Slow Cosmetic advocates, meanwhile, consume «less but better» beauty. As fans of the movement, you suddenly want to put on, but how ?

There are workshops of initiation to the Slow Cosmetics, during which participants learn how to make a moisturizing cream for the face, a care for the body or even a cleansing milk. Victoria followed, one with his mom and she was immediately hooked to the concept and had a desire to continue in it. «I started buying books on the Slow Cosmetics and I have read articles on blogs as Easyblush.» The new passionate strongly recommend the books of Julian Kaibeck founder of the Association Slow Cosmetic and columnist beauty in » 69 Minutes with No fuss «. Victoria then spent a first order from Aroma-Zone, the giant line of natural products. « At the beginning, I followed to the letter the recipe of Julien. When I didn’t have some ingredients I was trying to replace, I was testing different things. Thus, little by little, I started creating my own recipes. «The young student is happy with the results : thanks to the formulas adapted to its own problems, her skin is clearer and hair healthier than ever before.



The nature offers many treasures, raw materials and ingredients to the virtues as diverse as multiple. Create its revenue according to its needs and its tastes, is one of the many advantages of homemade. Multiple sites of Slow Cosmetic provide detailed fact sheets of ingredients (clays, floral waters, essential oils, butters plants) and indicate how best to use it. To prepare its products, there are basic recipes, but feel free to customize and wake up creativity that lies dormant in you. Note thatthere is no contra-indication to mix oils, butters and hydrosols between them. So, you can play chef without fear of chemical reaction is potentially dangerous.

A reasonable cost

Achieve its home-made beauty products eliminates the need for margins imposed by the industry (costs of packing, packaging, marketing campaigns, etc.). The final cost is lower than that of the cosmetic classics. Launch out in the manufacture of its products involves a certain initial cost : you have to buy the utensils, containers, different basic ingredients,… The investment is, however, amortized over the long term and depends on products used in the recipes. For hair masks, it incorporates jojoba oil or avocado oil. The purchase price is not the same : for 100 ml of oil of jojoba, count 10 euros), while for the avocado oil, the amount is about 5 euros. In creating its products houses according to its needs and in the right amount, it brings an immediate solution to its problems but, in addition, it avoids the waste.

Products that also keep well

There are natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract or vitamin E which can keep the products 2 to 6 months. Care containing water (hydrosols) are more sensitive and need to add a preservative. Keep them fresh might be a good idea to avoid any risk of contamination by bacteria. The oily products or with a basis of butter hold on to them for several months without adding preservatives. For masks, prepare just the amount needed and try to use an immediate application.


The councils of Victoria

It is important to sanitize utensils before each preparation with denatured alcohol or sterilize them in boiling water. «The first time I cleaned with the ether, I felt super bad and I was on the verge of falling into the apples. «says she. We thus avoid the ether, of which the smell is not very pleasant and that permeates the preparations.

To begin, you need some utensils such as a whisk, bowls (the empty pots of jam are super useful), a pan to melt the wax in a bain marie, a wooden spatula, heaping scoops (these are not mandatory but frankly practices) as well as containers for preparations.


Buy a few basic ingredients is paramount. You can find Herbalism to Modern which is located on rue du marché au charbon at two steps from the stock Exchange or in Färm on the place Sainte Catherine (there are also shops Färm in Etterbeek, Hankar, the Toggle in Uccle on Chaussée d’ixelles or Louvain-la-Neuve). Some of organic shops such as Sequoia also sell products used in Slow Cosmetic. To have the embarrassment of choice, order online Aroma-zone or in thee-commerce official manufacturers of the Slow fish network Cosmetics (the quality-price ratio of these online shops is reasonable). You wrote a little list of essential ingredients, supplement according to your desires and your needs :

– coconut oil : an absolute must

– jojoba oil : great for hair and skin (close to the natural sebum, it moisturizes without greasing)

– Shea butter

– floral water of rose

– sweet almond oil

– apricot kernel oil

– aloe Vera gel : great classic

– white or green clay : ideal for masks

The products that are more «touchy» : seed oil prickly pear pure (restorative, anti-age, softening), argan oil (protective, rich in omega 3 and vitamins for the face, body or hair), essential oils (lavender, tea tree, rosemary, ginger,…), water of chamomile (dry and sensitive skin), red clay (skin problems), etc.


Victoria has entrusted us with his routine miracle to have a skin of dream and restoring the radiance of the complexion after the winter. Every morning and evening, it removes makeup the face with a 50/50 mixture offloral water of pink of Damas – known for its soothing properties, this infusion is the ally of the skin devitalized – and ofsweet almond oil or jojoba. Victoria then rinsed abundantly his face with warm water before you apply a cream moisturizer that it carries out itself.

Check out more recipes beauty of Victoria.

Audrey Depuydt


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