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Coyhaique-. Position products natural cosmetics “Iarú Lavender Patagonia” in the domestic market, it is the goal of the new initiative funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, understanding the multiple attributes that they contain, being its main component in the essential oil, which is obtained from plants that grow in the cultivation of lavender southernmost in the world, being the whole process carried out by a regional company and family; and where the final product obtained is also of high quality and certified ingredients.

Is that in the year 2015, the coyhaiquina Veronica Ehijos, with the support of an initiative funded by the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation and the Regional Government of Aysen, launched a full cosmetics line regional base of lavender, called Iarú Lavender Patagonia, positioning itself in the regional market, but even being the challenge of marketing products to a national level by this is that they continued to support this project through an initiative of Innovation of agro-Food Marketing of AIF.

Horacio Velasquez, Regional Secretary of minister of Agriculture, stated that “with this new initiative we seek to Iarú work in the presentation of their products, giving them a local identity, but also a certification by laboratories established high-prestige that will allow them to show that these products are completely harmless. In addition, to improve all the issues related to the marketing, specifying the production of organic products and their labelling with the features of this cosmetic line, which are definitely characteristics that give an added value”.

For her part, Veronica Ehijos, project coordinator and creator of the family business Iarú Lavender Patagonia, stated that “currently our products are being marketed in the cities of Coyhaique, Puerto Aysén and Cochrane, in addition to we are ad portas of starting a second project, also supported by the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation, the Regional Government and the Seremi of Agriculture, in order to improve the presentation of our products, including some new ones, and to be able to be positioned in the national market, in other different cities of our region.”

It should be noted, that at present the regional company is producing and selling in the local market a diverse range of products such as soap, cream, shampoo, hair conditioner, among others, which mostly have a Resolution Health given by ISP.

Properties of lavender

The properties of lavender are often used, for its medicinal properties, as a natural remedy to treat a variety of conditions, being its main characteristics are the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Lavender is primarily used in connection with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and problems with mood changes, which is due to its medicinal properties capable of producing a soothing effect, relaxing and anticonvulsants in the human being.


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