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One of the main problems faced by the entrepreneurs is the lack of spaces to publicize and market their products. For this reason, the Regional Corporation for Productive Development (CRDP), the Regional Government and Mall Plaza La Serena, with the support of Minera Los Pelambres, joined together to provide an important showcase to 38 producers in the Region of Coquimbo. In this way, we managed to form a public-private partnership that seeks to also, that these small producers gain a valuable learning that will allow them to navigate the sales process.

In its first days of operation, the Emporium “Valleys and Stars” has been visited by hundreds of people who value the opportunity to meet and purchase products from origin 100% regional. “I think it’s great this idea, because it is a way of enhancing what exists in the region. In my case, I am of Conception, then it is novel to be able to buy regional products in one place,” said Susana Guajardo.

In the meantime, Carolina Rodriguez, vecº ina Coquimbo, indicated that initiatives such as this allow you to zoom in on rural products to the city. “I don’t have the chance to go to Salamanca, for example, then the product today comes to us. I came from chance, tried it, liked it and bought it…then it is the most fast and effective especially for entrepreneurs because it gives a direct purchase”.

Public-private partnership

In relation to the creation of the Empire, the Intendant of the Coquimbo Region, and President of the Corporación Regional de Desarrollo productivo, Claudio Ibáñez, explains that the project has been working for a year and a half. “We proposed to Mall Plaza to incorporate the different food producers and crafts of the region. It became an uprising, and today we have 38 producers installed in a privileged area, with high traffic of public. Here the community will be able to find traditional products, up to more sophisticated products based on algae, or dried and pasta for celiacs, products that people has been developed with the support of Sercotec, the Corfo, Fosis, Prodemu, or Sernameg, among other institutions.”

For Evelyn Leichtle, Assistant manager of Mall Plaza La Serena, this initiative is being carried out with the aim of “to be a contribution to the entrepreneurs of the region, we are supporting with the delivery of a physical space, but also we accompany them with training and teach them about the importance of having direct contact with the customers and know their preferences, along with the display and packaging of their products, so we expect this store to be a stepping-stone to their personal success”.

Within the producers found in “Valleys and Stars”, Breeze Godoy of the commune of Salamanca, is present with his venture “Delights of El Tebal”.

“Our star product is the dehydrated tomato in which we have worked a long time. In addition, we have an orange marmalade and that we are presenting here in this emporium which is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase our products at the regional level. When we proposed this a while ago we liked the idea and we never thought that was going to materialize, but to see her now in a place where there are both public, so many tourists, it is a prize to the perseverance of all the producers and micro-entrepreneurs,” he said this microempresaria of the Choapa.

Location of the Emporio “Valleys and Stars”

The Emporium “Valleys and Stars” is a meeting point for entrepreneurs and regional works from Monday to Sunday at the same hours of the Mall Plaza La Serena (industry film). The Store will learn about their activities and new products through the fan page of Facebook “Valleys and Stars”.



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