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The people of South Korea and countries asiáticos have been characterized as having a radiant skin without imperfections, and is that your specialty in the world of beauty, is its strong.

Although the natural treatments that are often used to submit, we also have make-up products and deep cleaning that help them to complement their routines of beauty and that, without doubt, to more of one it becomes clear to them that they work.

That is why we show you 8 beauty products Korean that you should try and surely you won’t regret it.

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack – Tony Moly. With the natural properties of this mask is multifunctional you get a cleaning depth, whitens and regulates skin tone.

Panda’s Dream Eye Patch – Tony Moly. This mask is made especially for the eye area. Helps to erase signs of fatigue, reduces the decoloraciÃ3n dark and prevents the apariciÃ3n of dark circles.

Pig nose clear black head deep cleasing oil balm – Holika Holika. This oil helps to remove blackheads and other cancer©lulas dead that accumulate in the skin. In addition it nourishes and minimizes the pores.

Lovely Me: Rose Cushion Blusher – The Face Shop. Your cheeks will look n amazing with this blush powder. In addition to that is long duraciÃ3n, your natural color will give you the plus you need for your face.

Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch – Tony Moly. If the lips hydrated are not your forte, this product hidratrà and suavizarà with a aplicaciÃ3n.

Petite Bunny Gloss Bar – Tony Moly. In addition to its amusing packaging, this bar of gloss creamy moisturizing your lips and give a slight color to the look cute.

Try Damage Break Hair Mask – Missha. The healthy hair is also an important part of the beauty. This mask will give you nutriciÃ3n and revitalizarà from the root on your scalp if it is degraded by the use of dyes.

Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder – Skin Food. These powders for the face contains extracts of peach, which helps to eliminate the excess of fat formed in your face, and leaves a smooth finish.


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