Dwarf Fruit Trees To Grow When Space Is Limited

Gardeners can grow their own food, even in the smallest of areas. Dwarf fruit trees offer one wonderful way for gardeners to make the most of the space they have available. 1.Apples
Apples are one of the most common garden fruits in temperate climes – and for good reason. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and there are plenty of delicious varieties to choose from. The size of a dwarf apple tree is determined by its rootstock. There are extreme dwarfing rootstocks (such as M27), dwarfing rootstocks (such as M9 and M26) and semi-dwarfing. It is worthwhile looking at which rootstock has been used for your dwarf apple. This will help you determine whether its eventual size will suit you and your backyard. 2.Pears
Pears are another popular choice for some temperate climate gardens, and can also be placed on a dwarfing rootstock in order to ensure that the tree does not get too big. ‘Concorde’ and ‘Conference’ are two popular pear varieties that can be grown as self-fertile, dwarf trees. The most common rootstock used for dwarfing is ‘Quince C’. In the US, the dwarfing rootstock for pears is often ‘Eline Quince’. Quince rootstocks are also used for dwarfing on a number of other fruiting trees. Pyrodwarf is one option that does use Pyrus rootstock. 3.Cherries
Cherries can be made less vigorous through the use of the Gisela 5 rootstock. If grown in the ground, cherries on this rootstock will tend to grow to around 2.4-3m tall. However, their size can be limited through growing in a container, and through judicious pruning. 4.Citrus Trees
Citrus trees such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit all lend themselves well to container growing. These trees can all easily be grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock and grown in small garden beds or containers. Nearly every worthwhile variety of edible citrus is now available to home gardeners on a dwarfing rootstock.
As long as they get enough warmth, sunshine and water, and a suitable growing medium, dwarf citrus trees will fruit just as well as larger trees of these types 5.Pomegranates
Pomegranates are another good choice for warmer temperate climate gardens. The fruits have an edible pulp. When grown in containers, dwarf pomegranates can be found which will grow no more than 2-3ft in height
Punica granata ‘Nana’ is a dwarf pomegranate variety which will produce ornamental orange flowers followed by edible fruit. If you were planning to grow it indoors, however, you would have to hand pollinate, as insects are usually needed for pollination. 6.Peaches
Peaches of a medium to small size are also sometimes grown on a Wavit rootstock. The size of peach trees can also be curtailed if they are grown in containers. Peach trees can also easily be trained to fit into a smaller space,and carefully pruned for shaping and size. Peaches will be ready to pick when they are fully colored and the flesh close to the stalk feels soft. Cursos Cosmética Natural Málaga Talleres Jabones Naturales Málaga

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