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Learn about the different products available to cover them and keep the hair in good condition

Every three or four weeks, without fail, the annoying white roots remind us of the presence of the gray. Those that try to cover up, but always come back to change the image of our hair.

The good news is that the cosmetic industry has created a number of products that make this task easier beauty monthly.

“More and more companies creating permanent hair dyes, as well as temporary to cover the roots canosas, launched on the market a variety of fabulous products and novel; for the gray hairs sooner or later come out and, before the vanity, not the whole world likes to have them exposed,” says the stylist to the stars Millie Morales, based in Miami and an expert in beauty products for Garnier.

The problem is that the hair grows regularly of one to two centimeters in just a month and, in the face of this natural process, the roots canosas will always be exposed, not fixed regularly every two or four weeks, while a visit to the hairdresser.

The products available

The pencil or crayon, in the form of sores, is one of the oldest and most universal for the retouch of the roots canosas.

“Formerly, in the time of our grandmothers, [this crayon] was in a few beauty shops, and in only two colors, but today has much more variety within the basic tones of black and ‘brown’ [brown], taking this last up to a color that sticks very much for the retouch of the roots in the hair, colored in reddish tones,” says Morales.

The crayon “Tween Time Roux-en-y is an example of these dyes temporary to cover the roots canosas hair daily until the date of the court and renewed general application. And although it is a cheap product and popular it has the disadvantage of tarnishing and to give the hair look sticky in the treated area.

Don't let those roots canosas you frustrated! - The Race 1
Crayons to touch up the roots canosas hair colored. /

Powders or watercolors, which come with their set of brushes, are part of the new generation of these products that take you out of trouble when you have a special event and the roots canosas the air.

“These powders wet and apply it directly on the root until you achieve the color intensity that you want,” explains the stylist and cosmetologist professional.

As they say, is applied in the same way that the shadows for the eyes, in a moment of distress can be used to cover the roots canosas.

The markers also enjoy great popularity. One of them is the TouchBack Temporary Color Marker which is applied with a fibre tip by flowing the dye is not permanent in order to adhere to the roots canosas and give a key partner with the rest of the hair colored.

Don't let those roots canosas you frustrated! - The Race 2
Marker, TouchBack Temporary Color./

Another popular variety are products in the form of mascara (pestañina or ‘mascara’, in English), which —according to Morales— are applied on the hair in the same way of makeup created for lengthening or darkening eyelashes.

“This type [mascara] to the roots canosas is also great,” denotes. “And even those who have the hair colored (brown or black don’t need to spend money on this kind of product, because they can use the same mascara for the eyelashes, [that is destine exclusively for this use, as a matter of health of the eyes] to cover their roots.”

Finally, there are the spray type, which are the great novelty of the time within the industry of products for the retouch of the roots canosas.

One of these products is the Root Cover Up of L’oreal, launched with the image of the actress Eva Longoria in October of last year, with its new technology of quick-drying and pigments are ultra-light which is diffused with accuracy with any hair color, has grabbed a large number of users.

“In reality, these sprays are fabulous. I liked it a lot when they came out because in addition to providing a tone well close to the rest of the hair colored, add shine and volume without leaving residue,” says Morales. “The only thing that is required is to have a good aim to apply them and know how to give a good styling to the hair tinturada”.

Don't let those roots canosas you frustrated! - The Race 3
The Root Cover Up is gaining popularity for its advanced formula./Courtesy L’oreal

General recommendations

The stylist and cosmetologist Millie Morales offers the following recommendations to combat the roots:

  • To retouch the roots canosas barely be visible with products that do not leave a lot of debris.
  • Review very well the label of the product to be purchased to make sure that it does not contain any ingredient that is identified as “metallic”, since, when these are applied on the hair “almost impossible” to give this area the color of the colored general that you want.
  • When you arrive at the beauty salon for a service tint general, inform the stylist or hairdresser with candor what type of product you are using to cover the roots, for it to do your own thing. “This is important, because one sometimes has to withdraw the product from the hair root to achieve a good colored general and the client is satisfied,” says Morales.

Other tricks to hide them

If you do not like to use any product to cover the roots canosas of your hair, you can follow these tricks popular:

  • Be creative at the time you style it, forming —for example— a stripe-style zig-zag instead of straight. The first will help to hide or disguise the root canosa when you have a few millimeters of length.
  • Give volume to the hair in the area where usually you do the stripe or partidura, as that is where it becomes more visible trail of white formed by the roots canosas.


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