Do you want to achieve a perfect eyebrows? Test the method HD –

It may be that your eyebrows have suffered the consequences of a waxing too enthusiastic in your teenage years, or who have never left their original form, don’t worry, we’ll explain how we can give life to those eyebrows so that you do not pass as these celebs!

What is the method to HD?

First, you will stain your eyebrows, then you depilarán with wax, tweezers or thread, and finally you maquillarán with mineral makeup and an eyebrow pencil. All in that order. The icing on the cake will be the final step: the makeup, accentuating your eyebrows to give them body in a natural way. Will focus on the most depopulated areas of your eyebrows to create a look more homogeneous. In total, the process takes about fifteen minutes and its results last for a month. The eyebrows of high definition are a quick way to get some eyebrows defined and more attractive. Do you go fancy as the idea?

However, the step of dyeing and plucking eyebrows is one of the most important treatment, since a good result in the design of the eyebrows will cause they provide a lot of expressiveness to our eyes, think eyebrows are the reflection of the identity and of the personality, are the framework of the look.

The design of eyebrows involves a study of the oval face, the facial expression and, of course, the eyebrows themselves, therefore opting for a design of eyebrows professional implies that the hair removal is done thoroughly to get the most out of your brows and enhance their expressiveness. The greatest virtue of this professional treatment is that you will have a perfect brows totally appropriate with the features of your face.

How will the study of my brow?

These are the key measures to provide with the best form that goes with your eye:
1. Start is where to start the tear of the eye.
2. Center: it is situated in the center of the pupil and should always be higher than the start point and the end.
3. Final: it is situated at the end of the eye.

After this article, you no longer have excuses for neglecting your eyebrows. It squeezes out all the potential of your look! Indulge and verifies the effects of having a perfect eyebrows. More beautiful, better-defined and more harmonious.

Content developed in collaboration with experts in beauty of Treatwell, the online portal leader in Europe in the booking of appointments of beauty.

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